The Hudson Lane, in the North Campus, is home to a million cafes and restaurants. All these serve almost everything from pastas and pizzas to sandwiches, burgers and shakes. But, recently the Spoon team was invited to have a snack at this tiny little place; Woodbox Café. We had expected the usual pasta and pizza to be available on the menu, but we were pleasantly surprised to find the absolutely different, unique and creative dishes served to us. Each dish was tastier than the last, until we finally came to dessert, the Freak Waffle, as they called it, and saying it tasted like something made in heaven would be an understatement.

Here are a few things listed about Woodbox Cafe that will make you add it to your list of places to eat at, if you haven't already done that.

1. Their New Menu

coffee, tea, wine
Divya Bajaj

The talented and creative Chefs at Woodbox are introducing a whole new menu in addition to the existing one. It includes things like Donut Got Wings, which was basically a donut filled with unimaginably delicious filling. There was also a Mama Mia Slide, which were burgers with a spinach green buns. My personal favourite dish, something I'd genuinely never had before, was the Lotus Stem Salt and Pepper and another called Bunny Chows with a Schezwan Paneer filling.

2. The New Location   

cake, apple
Aditya Rao

The two locations of Woodbox cafe were Hudson and Satya Niketan. The outlet in Hudson has moved a block or two from its last location, but is pretty easy to find once you go there. The ambience of this new cafe is amazing. No chaos, no loud music over which you can't hear each other talk, just a light tune in the background, it's the perfect place to hang out with friends. Yummy food, great ambience, picture perfect corners for the best selfies, what else does one need?!

3. The New Virtual Menu

chili, poutine
Aditya Rao

It turns out, that the people at Woodbox are not only creative about food and ambience, but also about how to order it. Woodbox introduces a whole new VIRTUAL MENU, where you can log into your instagram account and search for #WBCMENU and you'll be taken straight to a page where you can find pictures of all the dishes listed in the menu. Confused about what to order? Now you can check out each picture, taken of the original dish, and decide whether you want to order it or not.

4. Food, duh!

The food is obviously ah-mazing. You will have to have it in order to experience it.

Aditya Rao

Look for more pictures, events and activities happening at the Woodbox cafe on their insta and fb pages. Shower loads of love and reviews on these pages once you've visited the place too!