Freshëns take a seat, 'CUSE Juice is taking over. 

Emma Henzes

You may have noticed at the cafes across Syracuse University, 'CUSE Juice has replaced Freshën's smoothies. The locations that have changed are: the Life Sciences Café in the Life Sciences building, in Newhouse, and some smoothies are available at the Falk Café in McNaughton Hall.   

However, Freshën's is still located in the Goldstein Student Center on beloved South Campus. 

Why did Syracuse University make this change?

Well, basically it boils down to the fact that SU Food Services listens and even pays attention to your wants and needs. (Like chicken finger day everyday...) There were requests for more options in the Cafés, namely iced tea and iced coffee. So Food Services looked at the data from the Dunkin' Donuts in Schine and the Starbucks in Campus West to see what students were buying. 

And they found we drink ALOT of iced tea and iced coffee. I wish I had the exact numbers, but that would probably be overwhelming. So just as you spent your summer doing your thing, they spent their summer researching and working hard to bring us the best flavors and options.

Emma Henzes

There are a whole slew of smoothie choices and you can add fruit to any smoothie, so basically the combinations are endless.  My favorite is the Orange Strawberry Banana, which is almost as sweet as seeing Otto run around the Promenade. 

Along with smoothies, the menu features an assortment of teas: Black, Hibiscus, Green, Matcha Green and Bubble Tea. Now if this doesn't impress those teensey-weensy high schoolers on their visits, I'm not really sure what will. In the iced coffee department, 'CUSE Juice allows for some customization. With seven different flavor shots and the options of soy, almond, whole, and skim milk, your coffee can be made pretty much any way you want. 

A little birdie told me that Food Services plans on expanding the menu to fit students' needs. Maybe PSL is coming or steamed milk, or maybe hot options will come when the Syracuse skies continue to dump snow that plies as high as our knees. If you have an suggestions, questions or comments (for example the 'CUSE Juice should be open before 11am) voice it to Food Services. They want to hear what you have to say!

I am a happy gal with this change. It's a much healthier option than other drinks on campus. I like that I can control the sugar content in my teas and coffees. Once again, SU is on top of its game. Keep sipping that 'CUSE Juice... whatever it may be.