In the deep, dark halls of Graham Dining Center lies the not-so-hidden gem of happiness known as The Junction. Open every day from 9 PM until midnight, this small, late-night mecca is home to the best food on the Mount.

The toughest challenge to overcome? Deciding what to order. There are too many good choices. Fear not my fellow food-lovers, here is my guide on what you should order based on your zodiac sign.

Libra: Chicken Tenders


Being one of the most popular items on the menu, chicken tenders are just like you, Libra. They’re inviting, friendly and everyone likes them. You can enjoy them at any time, either as a reward for making it up the stairs or as a quick study break snack.

Virgo: Onion Rings

A little quiet and under the radar, but always reliable, Virgos and onion rings are basically two peas in a pod. You can always fall back on onion rings if they run out of Oreos for a milkshake, just like you can always rely on a Virgo to be there when your best friend isn’t.

Scorpio: Fried Dough

zodiac sign

Photo by Maddie Hinderstein

Similar to fried dough, there’s more than meets the eye with Scorpios. They tend to have a harsh exterior with a warm, soft, cheerful interior. It’s one of the most underrated options on the menu, and Scorpios are one of the most underrated zodiac signs.

Leo: Caesar Salad

Ahh, the healthiest choice on the menu, the humble Caesar Salad. Like Leos, it tends to think it’s superior to the other unhealthy options. It likes to stand on its own sometimes, but is welcoming to others in times of need (like staying awake to study for an exam in 8 hours).

Sagittarius: Seasoned Fries


The holy grail of all Junction food–the seasoned fries. Like this snack, a Sagittarius can’t be contained. They’re full of energy, full of life and everyone is happy when they’re around.

Capricorn: Grilled Cheese

There’s no screwing around when it comes to a grilled cheese, it’s either perfect or not. With the patience of a Capricorn, they’re willing to wait for their delicious, classic and simple counterpart of a snack.

Aquarius: Mozzarella Sticks

zodiac sign

Photo by Maddie Hinderstein

The most flexible of all food choices, the mozzarella sticks are hard to resist, just like an Aquarius. Both like to step a little bit outside of the box and make things a little interesting.

Pisces: Nachos

There’s something about nachos that’s mysterious (especially the cheese, who ever knows if it’s real or not). Sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on what it is, and it’s the same way with a Pisces. They’re very mysterious people and they tend to be laid back and let the people come them.

Taurus: Milkshakes

zodiac sign

Photo by Maddie Hinderstein

A Taurus’ best quality is their loyalty, which is what they are to the Junction’s  milkshakes. Both are sweet, but if there are no milkshakes, it’s game over for a Taurus. That’s when the stubborn side comes out and there’s no turning back.

Aries: BLT

Aries are strong individuals, but with a dash of friendliness in them. The BLT is the same way–tough bread, sturdy structure, but it has a sense of comfort in each and every bite.

Gemini: Bacon Cheeseburger

zodiac sign

Photo by Maddie Hinderstein

Let’s be real here, the Bacon Cheeseburger knows that everyone loves it just like Geminis know that everyone loves them. They’re a guilty pleasure, the ones we hate to love, but with its hearty and interesting flavors… how could you not love them?

Cancer: Philly Cheese Steak

The Philly Cheese Steak has lots of layers to it, just like Cancers do. Cancers are also super sensitive and one wrong move with this sandwich… it’ll be sitting in your lap.