Unless you live under a rock, you probably have seen at least one Disney movie throughout your lifetime thus far. If you are a Disney fanatic like me, then you have probably seen them all and have a favorite. My favorite Disney movie is "Tangled" and that is not only because Flynn Rider is in it, but because the message of following your dreams is one that anyone can relate to. 

The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida is where the beloved Disney movies are brought to life. Not only can you meet characters and go on rides, but there are foods that you can try that are inspired by the films. I am going to list different foods that you should try based upon your favorite Disney movie next time you visit Disney World. 

Tangled: Tower of Pancakes

These "Tangled" inspired Tower of Pancakes can be found at the Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast held at Trattoria al Forno. The Tower of Pancakes plate consists of a stack of fluffy buttermilk pancakes, a seasonal fruit compote, and a side of either bacon or sausage. The tower of pancakes is topped with a powdered sugar sun inspired by the movie. Not only can you enjoy these delicious pancakes, but you can meet Rapunzel and Flynn while you eat. 

Beauty and the Beast: The Masters Cupcake

In "Beauty and the Beast", Lumiere says "Try the Grey stuff, it's delicious/Don't believe me? Ask the dishes" during the "Be Our Guest" song located at the Be Our Guest restaurant inside of Magic Kingdom, where guests can enjoy the "Grey Stuff" in real life with The Masters Cupcake. The Masters Cupcake consists of a chocolate sponge cake topped with the "Grey Stuff." The Grey Stuff is made out of vanilla pudding, milk, crushed Oreos, whipped cream, and chocolate pudding mix. When mixed together, these ingredients form a delicious concoction that is known as the "Grey Stuff." The cupcake is even decorated with pearl sprinkles and a small square of "Be Our Guest" chocolate to add to its presentation. After tasting this cupcake, you will think you hopped right out of the movie!

Lilo and Stitch: Dole Whip

Dole Whip is one of my absolute favorite treats to have when visiting Walt Disney World. Dole Whip is a soft serve pineapple flavored frozen dessert that is reminiscent of a combination of pineapple juice and ice cream. Dole Whip can only be found in two locations in Adventureland in Magic Kingdom at Aloha Isle or at Pineapple Lanai at the Polynesian Resort. Dole Whip can be served by itself, as a float, or as a swirl with vanilla ice cream. If you are in the mood for a refreshing and relaxing treat, this is perfect for you!

Alice in Wonderland: Cheshire Cat Tail

Have you ever wanted to take a trip down the rabbit hole? The Cheshire Cafe in Magic Kingdom is home to the delicious Cheshire Cat tail inspired by "Alice in Wonderland". The Cheshire Cat tail is a chocolate danish twist that is intricately decorated with pink and purple frosting to represent the Cheshire Cat. This tail will cost you $4.99, but it is worth every penny. 

Lady and the Tramp: Spaghetti and Meatballs 

Okay, spaghetti and meatballs might not be something that you can exclusively find at Walt Disney World, but you can argue that it represents the iconic spaghetti scene from "Lady and the Tramp". Found at Tony's Town Square in Magic Kingdom, you can order classic spaghetti and meatballs and enjoy them while looking out onto sunny Main Street USA. 

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs: Candy Apple 

The film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is known for the scene where Snow White eats the poison apple and then falls ill. You can experience a more pleasant experience than Snow White by trying a delicious candy apple from the Main Street Confectionary located in Magic Kingdom or from the main bakery found in any of the theme parks. The candy apples are gigantic, but these delicious treats are covered in caramel, coated with chocolate, and decorated using sprinkles, marshmallows, and jelly beans in order to bring beloved Disney characters to life in an edible form. 

Princess and the Frog: Beignets

"Princess and the Frog" takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana which is known for beignets and gumbo. Beignets are deep fried pieces of sweetened dough. The only place you can find beignets at WDW is at Port Orleans - French Quarter. Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory is home to delicious and crispy beignets that will have your mouth watering at first bite. Not only are they crispy, but they are covered in powdered sugar which makes them even better. 

Cinderella: The Clock Strikes Twelve Chocolate Mousse

Is it almost midnight? The clock striking midnight is an iconic scene from "Cinderella" and this chocolate mousse captures the essence of that perfectly. The Clock Strikes Twelve chocolate mousse can be found for dessert at Cinderella's Royal Table located in Magic Kingdom. The Clock Strikes Twelve consists of a dark chocolate mousse, dark chocolate ganache, and raspberry coulis. Not only can you eat this delicious treat, you can also eat it while you meet Cinderella and inside of her castle!

Now stop reading this and go try some of these delicious desserts at Walt Disney World!