Mardi Gras is fast approaching, and while we all may not be able to head to New Orleans to join in the celebration, we can certainly indulge in our own Fat Tuesday by finding the best beignets around Tufts.

Barbecue and New England are two words that don't really go together - but give them a second chance. Just a quick Joey ride from campus, Redbones BBQ provides an authentic southern-style dive bar atmosphere while also delivering delicious comfort food. 

From fried green pickles to hush puppies to chicken and waffles, Redbones serves up dishes that really get you in the eatin' mood. If you're going to go for the beignets at the end of the meal, I recommend going with one appetizer and sharing an entree like the pulled pork

After you've consumed five pounds of pulled pork, it's time to experience the nirvana of Fat Tuesday. Take a look at the dessert menu and decide: "Yeah, I have room." 

The beignets arrive in an unassuming brown paper bag, which opens in a puff of steam. The fried dough is drenched in powdered sugar: messy to maneuver, but so, so worth it. Sweet and with just the perfect level of crunch, the best part about these beignets is how fresh they are.

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Ailish Dougherty

So take a trip to Redbones BBQ in Davis Square to experience a funky, laid-back, comforting meal. Be prepared to roll back to campus, you'll be so overstuffed. Go on, live Fat Tuesday to the fullest!

#SpoonTip: If you have dietary restrictions, check out this recipe for vegan beignets!