It seems like every restaurant has a nice little catchphrase: McDonald's and "I'm lovin' it," KFC and "finger lickin' good," and IHOP with "come hungry, leave happy." If Feast Bakery & Café were to have its own catchphrase, it would definitely be "Treat Yo Self".

Everything about Feast is something that Tom and Donna would be proud of. From the Nutella latte to the lemon poppyseed cake, Feast Bakery & Café offers a ton of delectable dishes and desserts to make your day go from good to great.


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Carly Meskin

Feast has two locations in Bloomington—the Bakery & Café and the Market & Cellar. They dare you to taste things you haven't before while making you wonder when you're coming back to try something else. Two Feast locations means two different experiences, which, simply put, means that more treat yo self days are in order. 


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Lina Mowat

While it might be a bit pricey, you really do get the best for your buck. As my waitress at the Bakery & Café told me, at Feast everything is homemade, like the peanut butter in my Fluffernutter Pie (which was a solid 10/10). They make all of their own condiments and even their own bacon! All the food is organic and local, which makes you feel a lot better about indulging yourself in one (or two- they're that good) of their incredible desserts. 


Lina Mowat

The menu, of course, is tempting in every way. Feast offers a variety of homemade tamales every day, which looked like heaven in a corn husk when they were whisked by me. I stuck with a basic for my first Feast experience and had their classic cheeseburger, which was juicy and delicious. I can't wait to come back to Feast try more dishes because everything that was taken past my table looked so good. 

#SpoonTip: the Sunday brunch is rumored to be excellent.

Next time you're feeling like you want to treat yourself, make Tom and Donna proud of you and take yourself out to Feast.