I've always loved chocolate covered pretzels; the decadent, sweet and salty treat hits the spot every time. When I came across Fatty Sundays at a Spoon University event in 2017, I soon became a big fan of the brand. Fatty Sundays adds an awesome twist to chocolate covered pretzels with an endless array of toppings, from their exclusive cereal pretzels line to their holiday favorite, peppermint. Recently, I got to talk to one of the co-founders to find out what's going on behind the scenes at the pretzel company.

Their Story 

Fatty Sundays was started by two sisters, Ali and Lauren, in 2012. They make an array of different flavored chocolate covered pretzels all based on their mom's recipe that they grew up with. "We had a crazy idea to modernize chocolate covered pretzels. No one was doing them differently, we wanted to change them up," says Ali. They both left other opportunities (Ali was a graphic a designer and Lauren was headed to Wall Street) to work on Fatty Sundays full-time in the summer of 2012. 

They have stayed committed to doing what they do best: creating chocolate covered pretzels. Their favorite childhood treat has become a career success. Their colorful packaging pops with their topping-covered pretzels, especially thanks to Ali's unique skills as a graphic designer. They also create many custom pretzels for events. The most interesting thing I learned about the company was that they spent a ton of time researching and taste testing before they decided to run with any idea. 

Flavor Highlights 

Birthday Cake 

Birthday cake is perfect for.... your birthday! This pretzel is dipped in white chocolate and covered with rainbow sprinkles and crushed vanilla cookies. It's super festive and a cute gift idea for your friend's birthday. No matter the occasion, it's someone's birthday somewhere.


This is my personal favorite because it perfectly blends the salty and the sweet. No wonder it's also their best seller! It has a perfect crunch from the toffee and pretzels which pair well with the smooth milk chocolate underneath. It's decadent and delicious. 

Cereal Line

Fatty Sundays recently launched a cereal-covered pretzel line. From cinnamon to fruity pebbles, they have all the best cereals covered. This is a super creative way to combine the best meals of the day: breakfast and dessert!


Although we are past the holiday season, peppermint is a fan-favorite all year long. The dark chocolate pairs perfectly with the cool peppermint candy, creating an irresistible combination. 


Passover is approaching and Fatty Sundays does an awesome job transforming matzah into a delicious treat. Just like their pretzels, they cover it in chocolate and sweet toppings. This year they are even making a matzah cake which I definitely want to try!

Fatty Sundays also creates pretzel bites and gluten free pretzels. They are the perfect gift whether you order an individual pack or sample them all. They have even more flavors too, which you can check out here. I always love talking to companies in the dessert industry, but this was even more special because the founders have been connected to their delicious product for so long. Happy snacking.