In case you missed it, Brainfood 2017 just happened and it was our biggest event yet. After interning at Spoon University this summer and getting a peek at Brainfood still in the planning stages, I knew I had to go. Brainfood combines the best of food, tech, culinary arts, and media for a seriously lit time, with amazing food. With about 1,000 people in attendance, it felt like a mix between a food festival and a summit about the food industry, and was truly magical. 

Sydney te Wildt

If you didn't make the trek out to Brooklyn for Brainfood (which is honestly inexcusable because Brooklyn is not that far, no matter what "Gossip Girl" says), see what you missed on Instagram through #BrainfoodNYC and read below for a full overview. And if you went to this event, consider this a metaphorical highlight reel, because I'm sure you are also going through some withdrawal symptoms. 

The Speakers

None other than the Alton Brown started off the show and dropped some serious bombs about where the food media industry is going in the future. Including his thoughts on Spoon U: "I love its irreverence. I love its immediacy.” Some speakers, including the Chief Marketing Officer of Sabra, took part in an insanely thought-provoking panel about sustainable eating and others explored how being a chef doesn't have to be in a restaurant.

#SpoonTip: Learn how to live sustainably with your fave hummus

As my fangirling began to settle, things got freaking real when the panel about building your own brand started. I took about 50 pictures of the legit @foodbabyny, was inspired as always by Hannah Bronfman of HBFIT, internally thanked Claire King (the Head of Culinary at Tasty) for distracting me in so many of my classes, and learned how to swear while cooking vegan food with Michelle Davis of Thug Kitchen. It's truly an art. 

I don't want to give you too much fomo, but all of the speakers made me laugh, cry, and get a bit more hungry. Which brings me to the other main event... the food.

Welcome to the Marketplace

Any Spoon University event would not be complete without some amazing food, and Brainfood brought its A game. Every Insta food trend was featured at the overwhelmingly amazing marketplace, and yes, I did try them all. Some of my favorite eats included Cookie Dō, Avocaderia (the avocado mecca of Brooklyn), John's Juice, and Ample Hills Creamery (it's by far the best ice cream in NYC).

Towards the end of the event Kristen Tomlan, founder of Cookie Dō, took the Brainfood stage once again to talk about what it's like creating a business with a cult following. I say "took the Brainfood stage once again" because Kristen has been at three Brainfoods. Hearing her speak for the first time after her massively successful launch of the brick and mortar store was truly inspiring and a reminder that hard work and creativity doesn't go unnoticed. 

I also took some (read: many) snacks for the road. I tried all of the RX Bars and they are now my new addiction. Wild Friends Food was giving out nut butter samples, including their next-level Chocolate Almond Butter. I also got more coffee than I thought I would ever need from Sunniva and La Colombe. And yes, I already drank it all thanks to midterms. #SOS

All The Insta Potential

Sydney te Wildt

It probably goes without saying because this event was put on by Spoon, but the 'gram potential at Brainfood was unreal. I'm talking an entire photo room full of blow up fruit, giant spoons, and cameras (with boomerang capabilities). Plus, a mural of candy created live and painted by the mad brilliant, Bianca Romero. It was basically like 29Rooms, but for food. I spent half of my day in this room, and I have zero regrets. 

If you didn't make it out to Brainfood this year, thankfully there's always next year to hang out with your 1,000 new best friends at Brainfood 2018. If there's a food industry rockstar you'd love to hear from or topic discussed, let us know at Stay tuned and see you next year.