Four years ago we started this thing called Brainfood and food events have never been the same. Brainfood NYC is all about getting dope people in the food, tech and culinary world in the same room with even more dope people who simply love food. Just like you.

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This year we're bringing our annual shindig to New York’s Brooklyn Expo Center on October 14th and it's going to bigger, and better than ever. We're focusing on exploration and education in food. So, if you join us in Brooklyn, you'll get to hear from some of your favorite names in food (cou*Alton Brown*gh), mingle with recruiters in our career area, taste test new food products, post up in a photo lounge, feast on food truck grub, and learn how to break into the food industry. Yeah, you read that right, now get a load of this vid.

Tickets are going fast, so if you're not convinced yet that one of them has your name on it, check out the deets below. Seriously, you're not gonna want to miss the snacks.

The Talks

Like we coughed, Alton Brown, the man, the myth, the legend, will be dropping knowledge on where the future of food media is headed. Shortly after, the humans, who prove that not all heroes wear capes, will be signing off on how to successfully build a brand. These champions include Mike Chau (aka @foodbabyny), the Michelle Davis from Thug Kitchen, Hannah Bronfman #theHBFITqueen, the Head of Culinary at Tasty (you know Tasty), Claire King, and our moderator, Spoon University alum, Skyler Bouchard

The Marketplace

We're basically making malls cool again and creating a real-life marketplace where you can taste, shop, and discover NYC's hottest new food and trends. Think chocolate bars to replace your coffee and microgreens that taste like you're in Willy Wonka's Factory (trust us on that one). If you're over rainbows and kale, we've got the next trends and they're fresh as fork.

The Career Corner

Dreamed of working at Food Network? Or working with food in general? We're here to introduce you to your potential new boss. Meet and mingle with recruiters from Whole Foods (heard of them?), Food Network, Hilstone and more to find your dream job or internship. Plus, you can get your headshot taken by WayUp if you're in the business of sprucing up your LinkedIn prof pic. 500+ connections, amirite?

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Katie Stotts

Food Trucks

No more need to track down your favorite food truck in the city, because we'll have you covered. Grab some of your favorite street food and chat up your favorite foodstagram stars and other foodies. 

We cannot wait to see you there on the 14th of October. Buy your ticket before they're gone right here