There are around 50,000 fast food chain restaurants alone in the US. That means there is no way you have tried or even heard of some of these restaurants. However, after reading about some of these lesser-known chain restaurants, you'll want to travel all across the country to try these foods. 

1. Raising Cane's

Chicken Fingers. Crinkle-Cut Fries. Texas Toast. What more could you want? And last but not least THE Cane's Sauce. Whether you get the 3 Finger Combo or the Caniac Combo, you will be spoiled with all the delicious items.

2. Andy's Frozen Custard 

Isn't always annoying having to get out of your car and get ice cream? Well, Andy's has solved this problem because they have a drive-thru window! With their fun names and creative concoctions, you will always be left wanting more. My favorite is the Rico Suave Jackhammer, which is a vanilla or chocolate frozen custard mixed with roasted pecans and Oreos, with the center filled with hot fudge.

3. Steak 'n Shake 

When you walk into this restaurant, you will be thrown back in time to a 60's diner. Famous for its milkshakes, thin fries, and steakburgers, those are a must when you eat here. Plus, they have the most delicious milkshake flavors, including a chocolate chip cookie dough and a chocolate covered strawberry milkshake. Almost every restaurant is open 24 hours, so this is THE spot after a night out or if you just have a craving for a good burger and fries. 

4. Culver's

Known for their butterburgers, frozen custard, and chicken fingers (my favorite), Culver's has everything. Also, let's not forget about their sides like the fried cheese curds, crinkle cut fries, and onion rings. My tip is to get a kids meal because you get a free scoop of the flavor of the day, vanilla, or chocolate frozen custard. 

5. Nando's

The first ever Nando's restaurant originated in South Africa but has grown to be all over the world (including the US). They use Peri-Peri, aka the African Bird’s Eye Chilli, in the sauce for their flame-grilled chicken, which gives their chicken some heat and tastes different from anything else you've ever tried. They had sides like Peri chips (fries), Portuguese rice, and flamed-grilled corn on the cob. 

6. Pickleman's

If you are craving high quality food, but are in a rush, then this is the place for you. Pickleman's makes the food right in front of you, so you know everything is fresh. They have everything ranging from toasted sandwiches, pizzas, soups, to salads. 

7. Whataburger

Whenever visiting Texas, this is the first place you need to go to. They are famous not just for their burgers, but for the taquitos, the honey butter chicken biscuits, and the spicy ketchup (to name a few). You may have a heart attack after coming to this heavenly place, but I think everyone can agree and it's worth it. 

8. Wawa

Yes, Wawa is a gas station. But wait, before you scroll past this restaurant, hear me out. This will be one of the nicest gas stations you've been to. You can order one of their signature hoagies or you can even create your own. They also have THE BEST mac and cheese. 

9. Portillo's

When I think about a perfect Chicago-style hot dog, I immediately think of Portillo's. Everything is perfect, starting from the poppy seed buns and going to the crinkle cut fries. They are also popular for their Italian beef and chocolate cake.

sandwich, lettuce, hot dog
Sara Mickow

10. Del Taco

When you first hear the name "Del Taco," you would think that they only serve tacos (which are sooo good), however this place has it all. Their french fries are amazing, but the Queso Loaded Fries are on another level. And they even serve cinnamon churros!