I truly could not think of anything better to do on a rainy Tuesday afternoon than stand in line for the opening of the Italian food empire that recently came to Boston. I rolled into the Prudential Center around noon and took my spot as first in line at the Eataly Boston Grand Opening.

Unfortunately, there was a private function already happening inside. The sight of people eating mozzarella and snacking on focaccia before the 4:00 PM public opening was slightly heart breaking. Nonetheless, my stomach was empty and my eyes were wide-open. I had my camera in hand and a smile on my face as I counted down the minutes until I could rush inside. 

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Ashley Marino

Eataly is the largest Italian marketplace in the world. It consists of restaurants, food and beverage shops, groceries, wine tastings and cooking classes. The Italian domain spans nine countries and was originally founded by Oscar Farinetti in 2007. It all started in a small town called Turin in northern Italy when Farinetti converted a closing factory into the very first Eataly.

When Eataly moved to New York City, partners Mario Batali, Lidia Bastianich, and Joe Bastianich tagged along. Since then, the team has been unstoppable and Eataly currently has 34 locations worldwide, with several more in the works.

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Ashley Marino

Upon entering the superstore, one cannot help but be enticed by the rich smell of espresso. It is difficult to decide where to go first because the store itself is so large and overwhelming. You are forced to choose which section of the store to explore: the mozzarella lab or the crêperie; perhaps the vast wine collection. If you want to truly experience what Eataly has to offer, make sure you allot ample time.

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Ashley Marino

One of the best things about Eataly Boston is their devotion to local vendors and chefs. Coming into a well-established food city, owners knew they would have to maintain exceptional quality and above-average service. They decided to dedicate Eataly Boston to seafood (no explanation needed). Eataly gets their seafood from all over New England, allowing the New England fishing community to showcase a wide variety of fish.

Although you may have been to other Eataly locations, the Boston location needs to be experienced for itself. Be prepared to wait in lines, because this Italian mega market is taking hold of the Boston food scene. But like many things in life, good things come to those who wait.

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Ashley Marino