The 101st year of Ramjas has been marked by many changes, making it a tad more homely and comfortable for the students. The college recently witnessed the installation of an Amul Parlour and a Grillz; Sandwiches And More stall. The canteen too has been outsourced to a new vendor, the rates have become reasonable and the food is prepared with hygiene. We recently visited the college campus and have a few insights.

1. Amul Parlour

candy, cake, gingerbread
Divya Bajaj

The Amul parlour serves a variety of flavoured milks, cold coffee, ice creams etc. and that too at very affordable prices. The timing of the inauguration couldn't be better as it helps the students to beat the summer heat. Students are already meeting up daily at the outlet and enjoying as well as sharing ice creams, trying out new flavors everyday.

2. Grillz; Sandwiches and More

Divya Bajaj

The 'Grillz; Sandwiches and more' stall has been put right beside the Amul parlour. While you quench your thirst and get something to cool off in the heat, you can buy the absolutely delicious and filling sandwiches from Grillz. Grillz also serves burgers, pastas and pizzas. They also have chilled iced teas, which happens to be an amazing option.

bacon, meat
Divya Bajaj

One of the sandwiches I tried and absolutely loved was the Spice Sandwich. The staff there is really friendly and answer every questions regarding what type of sandwich you want, so you are sure to get only the food you absolutely love. 

Gone are the days when we scoured for places to eat in north campus and always complained about canteen food, because now Ramjas has two of the most amazing food outlets in its very campus! So, when you are in the North Campus next, make sure you check them out.