As the second week of the second semester comes to an end and you are finally settling back into the tedious, tiresome but exciting life that college is, we bring you something that might freshen up your second semester!

We asked seven Fucchas (i.e freshers or students who joined last semester) for places they liked best after their first semester in college; places that became their go-to place with friends; their “adda” of sorts! And so given below are their accounts and recommendations. It doesn’t get anymore candid or “fresher” than this.

Here we bring to you 7 restaurant/cafe recommendations from 7 different students of 7 different colleges:

1. Bistro


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“Bistro, situated in Jawahar Nagar, is the right place to soothe your taste buds and is my go-to place. Situated in a modest looking street, right next to the hub of Kamla Nagar, it serves hundreds of PG dwellers in the area, all tied up in the low budget dilemma.

This shake, coffee and dessert joint offers innovative and ambrosial shakes at a price less than most other cafés in the campus area. Do try the Hide and Seek shake – it is one of the best items the place offers apart from ginger mojito, hot chocolate fudge and tea, which is served in an earthen pot. The Hide and Seek shake is separated by layers of brownie and biscuits which add a savoury element to the otherwise sweet drink. The drink is a divine combination of just the right sweetness, topped with a garnish that serves the purpose of making the customer want it all the more!”

– Eshita GuptaHansraj College

2. The Big Yellow Door


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“The Big Yellow Door or BYD, as it’s popularly called, is an old haunt in Hudson lane for most North Campus students looking for a reasonably priced and delicious meal. The number of recommended dishes are plenty, but a few of them are to die for! The cheesy Nachos Mexicana is a brilliant way to start your meal, with all its cheesy and spicy wonder. The Peri Peri Chicken is a perfect combination of chilli and flavour. The white sauce pasta is a favourite for any Italian food lover. The Barbecue Chicken pizza is a simple but superbly produced dish with its perfect crust and tasty chicken. The BYD Cheese Bomb burger is a dish filled with cheesy joy. We all need something to flush down the food, and for that, the Peach iced tea is highly recommended.

BYD is a place one must definitely dine at, not only for its food but also its cosy feel and ambience.”

– Anusha ShaktawatHindu College

3. Firangi and Chalte Firte



Firangi and Chalte Firte in Kamla Nagar, would be one of my favourites because, first of all they are very reasonable and then the food is amazing, especially Honey Chilly Potatoes and Chicken momos, and very suitable for college going students. Just the way we want it: cheap and yummy. Their playlist is actually quite peppy. Their Mix Veg Gravy momos are amazing; they actually taste like shahi paneer for those who are veg. No offence!”

– Yashika Rana, Miranda House

4. Jack ‘n’ Chill Café

“Jack ‘n’ Chill café is my go-to hangout whenever I make a trip to North Campus to visit my friends from school. I was introduced to this café in Hudson lane on my friend’s birthday and fell in love with the food! They have a decent ambience with prompt service for the impatient stomach. Portions are very generous – one cannot finish a plate of pasta by themselves so definitely take a friend along – and their charges are pocket-friendly for the eternally broke college bloke. Definitely try their Rum and Cream Cheese pasta, Potato Sliders and should you happen to be a non-veg hogger, Crispy Chicken with Mayo is a must. Bon appétit!”

– Anannya Abhijit, Dyal Singh College (Morning)

5.  2 Bandits


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“Being a South Campus student and that too in a college situated amidst various army colonies, Satya Niketan is the nearest rescue for us and you would find some or the other DCACian there always. First semester for a complete food lover like me was a journey to explore every nook and corner of this little foodie heaven and among so many cafes that I got to try, a cafe named 2 Bandits in Satya Niketan turned out to be my all time favourite.

The oh-so-awesome ambience of the cafe combined with the delectable food makes you come back to this place again and again. And if you haven’t tried it yet, I bet you should. Do try the Dragon Rolls, The Dancing Nachos and Lasagna.”

– Niharika MaggoDelhi College of Arts and Commerce

6. Hunger Strike


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“For someone who studies in a college which is mostly isolated, food becomes a daily struggle. The back market is just that – a back market of necessities without any compelling food. People with a craving for butter and carbs can always head to Moolchand for paranthas, but my personal favourite is Amar Colony for – well, anything. Amar Colony is a cesspool of different kinds of foods and shops and it also happens to host the famous Tandoori Momos. There also happens to be a really cute Kulfi place which makes the best Mojitos for sunny days.

The variety makes sure everyone can have whatever they want – I love food, and I love being able to eat with people – no matter how diverse their taste. Which is why LSR girls head to Amar Colony, and to Hunger Strike for the best momos in town.”

– Tanvi ChowdharyLady Shri Ram College for Women

7. Shagun

“My favourite go-to restaurant will be Shagun. It is located in Hudson lane in DU’s North Campus. Shagun is a Tibetan family restaurant which serves mouth watering momos. The prices are student-friendly and there is no additional service tax charged. In addition to that, the atmosphere it provides is absolutely pristine. It has soft Tibetan music playing which is very pleasant to hear. The lights are dim and there is a certain tranquility which I haven’t found in the all-so-bustling places of north Delhi. The restaurant is small in size and its board is very easy to miss. But the food more than makes up for its obscurity. Shagun is an absolute favourite.”

– Harsha SanyuktaSt.Stephen’s College