It’s that time of year again: the end of the semester, when you’re a) running out of meal swipes and b) never sure where you want to eat. You’re sick of TDR and the Tavern, but at the same time, you probably don’t have enough Eagle Bucks to hit up Starbucks.

Don’t worry, because we have another way for you to decide where to eat: based on your Zodiac Sign. Your zodiac sign, which is based on the time period of your birth, provides us with insights about personality traits and tendencies: Eating based on your zodiac sign is the perfect way to figure out how to use your meal swipes when you just don’t know what to eat.

Capricorn( December 22-January 19): Pi & Fry

Capricorn’s are no-nonsense go-getters who know exactly what they want. Pi and Fry is the perfect on-campus eatery which matches Capricorn energy: it’s straightforward, and you know exactly what you’re getting. There aren’t any rotating menus or confusion about the food that is being offered and everyone knows what they want before they even order. Plus, the Tavern will allow Capricorn’s to socialize, network and keep up their public image, which is very important to them.

cheese, toast, bread, grilled cheese sandwich
Lindsey Fries

Aquarius(January 20-February 18): Global Fresh

Aquarius’s are adventurous and always willing to take risks when it comes to food. Global Fresh is the perfect place for an Aquarius because it gives them an opportunity to try so many new foods. Not only is there a rotating menu that changes weekly (which ranges from Ramen to Mexican food), but each of these menus has tons of different options which will let an Aquarius try new foods almost every day if they really want to.

tacos, salsa, chicken, beef
Alexis Metzgar
ramen, soup, pho, noodle
Nicole Laszlo

Pisces(February 19-March 20): East-Pod Bleeker Cafe

Pisces are very observative and aware of their surroundings. They love the opportunity to recharge in a quiet environment and don’t always need the hectic energy from a place like MGC. East Pod’s Bleeker Cafe is a perfect match for Pisces because of the location, and the calm yet extensive menu. There are tons of traditional sandwiches and soups at Bleeker Cafe which a Pisces will appreciate, as they aren’t always down to try tons of new things. They will love the calm energy of East Pod, which gives them a chance to recuperate from the craziness in a quiet and low-key environment.

sandwich, bread, toast, ham
Jocelyn Hsu

Aries(Mar 21-Apr 19): TDR

Aries know exactly what they want and aren’t afraid to do what it takes to get it. They are natural born leaders and aren’t intimidated by a buffet style like TDR. They will take the time to explore every option from the pizza section to the salad bar, to make sure that they get the best meal possible. Whether they have time to wait in line for a stir-fry or are just rushing in for a sandwich, Aries will quickly learn how to handle TDR based on their needs.

mac n cheese, cheese, pie, crust, pizza, dough, pastry
Megan Japczyk
omelet, omelette, egg, cheese, scrambled, spinach
Keren Straus

Taurus(April 20-may 20): Subway

Tauruses are easy going and grounded. Their calm energy means they aren’t too worked up about when and where they need to eat, which is why Subway is the perfect fit for a Taurus. They are always willing to accommodate a hectic college schedule, and won’t get upset over having to take a study break to hit up Subway at midnight for a late dinner.  Subway doesn’t always have the same options, and a Taurus won’t be bothered if the bread they want is gone, or if they’ve run out of cookies: they'll relish the chance to try something new.

hands, foot long, sub, sandwhich, subway, six inch
Sam Jesner

Gemini (May 21-June 20): Elevation Burger

Gemini’s are enthusiastic and social and will love a more “fun” meal from Elevation. The french fries and milkshakes make the eatery feel more like a burger place than a campus location, which will make a Gemini feel like they’re at the trendy spot instead of MGC. The Tavern is the perfect setting for a Gemini: you see *everyone* you know and there’s plenty of opportunities to receive and spread gossip, and catch up with friends you haven’t seen all semester.

shakeshack, fries, burger, shackburger, crinklefries, hamburger, tray, lettuce, tomao
Justin Oh

Cancer(June 21-July 22): The Bridge

Cancer’s can be described as “Homebodies” because they love to develop strong connections to the places and people in their lives. The Bridge is the perfect cafe for a Cancer: this is a cafe that has a “following,” with tons of devoted regulars who swear by the food, drink and overall atmosphere of the Bridge.

In terms of food, there are a ton of comfort items at the Bridge such as teas and pastries that will make the cafe feel even more like a home. Not to mention the creative events the cafe hosts, from concerts to trivia night, that will make a Cancer even more devoted to what will quickly become their #1 spot on campus.

Houston, cafe, coffee, coffee art, latte art, Vanilla latte, espresso
Beatriz Gras

Leo(July 23-August 22): Freshii

Leo’s are very social and dramatic. Their energy can be very over the top and extra, as they love all things boujee, and live for the spotlight. The energy of Freshii: which has tons of option and is in one of the busiest & most active parts of campus, is a perfect environment for them to be social and exert their glamorous energy.

There tons of food options at Freshii, from bowls to burritos, with different proteins to choose from; this variety is important for a Leo, who may quickly get sick of a more routine eatery with less of a dynamic menu. 

vegetable, pepper, stir-fry, broccoli, salad, onion
Maxwell Faucher

Virgo(August 23-September 22): The Dav

Virgo’s are perfectionists and are almost always busy. However, they need downtime from their exhausting lifestyle. The Davenport Cafe can give them the space to be by themselves and re-charge: waiting in the long lines gives a Virgo the chance to have some time alone. The quick service also gives Virgo's a chance to relax in the cafe or the SIS atrium. Virgo’s are also creative, and the quirky, fun energy of the Dav matches well with this personality trait.

coffee, beer, wine, espresso
Alex Frank

Libra (September 23-October 22): Starbucks

Libra’s are social and indecisive. Starbucks is the perfect environment for a Libra, who appreciate a more sophisticated space that this cafe offers. Libra’s are also social and fun and will appreciate drinks like frappuccinos, and foods like cake-pops, which are staples of the Starbucks menu.

Additionally, the social environment of Starbucks is perfect for any Libra who will use the space to network and also engage with friends. Luckily, the Starbucks menu is extensive enough that there are always enough options, even for a Libra who may be confused about what they want.

beer, coffee, tea
Eileen Wang

Scorpio (October 23-November 21): Einstein's

Scorpio’s are intense and fearless. These qualities perfectly match Einstein Bros. Bagels, where anything goes.  There is a ridiculous amount of options at Einstein's, and not all of them are even bagels since they also have bagel bites, pastries, and some drinks as well.

Scorpio’s are never afraid to try new things: they are unpredictable and don’t feel the need to eat the same foods every day.This, combined with their fearlessness of hectic crowds and energy, makes them a perfect candidate to brave the early morning lines and try the many  options at Einstein's. It’s Scorpio season right now, so go to Einstein’s and try something new!

bagel, cheese, bread, sandwich, bun
Emma Nosseir

Sagittarius(November 22-December 21): POD

Sagittarius’s are entertaining and fearless. For the Sagittarius, POD is the perfect match. It’s not exactly an eatery but the social and dynamic energy of POD perfectly matches Sagittarius energy. Their spontaneous personality traits allow them to work with the extensive options of POD, from candy and snacks to the healthy options. Additionally, Sagittarius are natural born entertainers and they will always be willing to chat with whoever they run into at POD (AU rule, you can’t go to POD without seeing someone you know.) POD is peak Sagittarius energy! 

Kathryn Stouffer

And now you know!!! As finals season comes up, be a little adventurous and eat based on zodiac signs!