Whether you are waking up from a regretful Saturday night or just need to people watch on a Tuesday afternoon, Colorado Springs holds a secret collection of places you can escape no matter what emotional state you may be in. These little coffee shops, all with a little culture of their own, stand by you just like family no matter what you are going through. 

As long as they have the staple of a hot black coffee, you can trust in each of these places. Depending on the time, day, and what you might need to accomplish, some may serve you better than others. 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday... here's some insight on where and when each coffee shop is appropriate. 

Poor Richards

5 p.m. Friday.

espresso, tea, coffee
Maria Cortner

A good coffee shop to sit alone, people watch, and sip on a mediocre, yet satisfying, cup of coffee. The atmosphere is warm with greeting cards covering the walls, so you know it is a happy place. You can wander into the gift shop or toy shop if you need a break from homework or just want look at things you definitely do not need but will probably buy. 

This is good shop to go to if you are in a pretty good place in your life, but also need to wander off on a Friday afternoon. This is also a perfect spot to go on a classic college date that you INSIST is not a date.

Loyal Coffee

11 a.m. Tuesday.

black coffee, tea, espresso, coffee
Maria Cortner

A city crowded kind of coffee shop from Denver or even maybe Portland that seems to have gotten lost and landed in Colorado Springs. This place is perfect for a Tuesday morning when your class gets canceled and you are unclear where to go. It is not the most intimate setting and you may find yourself sipping overpriced coffee alone on a bench on the side. 

If you are a budding hipster experiencing an existential crisis and appreciate a genuinely good cup of coffee, this is a great place to start writing your novel.

Wild Goose Meeting House

2 p.m. Wednesday.

Unless you are committed to going for a meal or really wanted to pretend to get coffee and actually just get a beer, the only times you can really show up here to do homework is between meal times. Go at 2 on a Wednesday and order a cold brew.

This is the only place I would ever recommend a cold brew over a cup of hot black dark roast coffee, so seriously, go. Bring work, but go with a good friend you have not really talked to in a while. It is the kind of place that makes you want procrastinate by talking about your dreams and ambitions and forget how lost you are in Calc 2.

The Perk Downtown

9:30 a.m. Sunday.

beer, cake, coffee, tea
Maria Cortner

A perfect spot for a Sunday morning when you have two days of homework you left until now to start. Maybe bring a CLIF bar because you could possibly setting up camp for a while.

Order yourself a hot black dark roast coffee in mug, a banana, and probably also get a giant black and white cookie to cushion the sadness of your Sunday. Go upstairs to a table by the window, plug your headphones in, and crank.

Also, maybe call your mom and tell her you love her.

Fifty Fifty Coffee House

10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday.

cheese, vegetable, spinach, egg
Maria Cortner

On a morning that you are hungry for something that will make you satisfied, full, and in need of nice long sit. Hopefully you went to sleep around 10:30 the night before, so you can actually appreciate it. Bring a book that is a light read you should have read when you were eleven like Harry Potter.

Order your black coffee for here with a side of Avocado Toast. If it is a nice day go for the couch in the front. If it is raining snuggle up in the corner in the back.

Urban Steam

12 p.m. Sunday.

Do not bring any work here. Go with a friend or two who agree it is too bright outside. Order your usual cup of coffee and enjoy a nice meal after a long and tough night. If it is nice definitely sit outside and enjoy the peculiarity of this loud coffee shop surrounded by nothing but homes. This is a great place for people watching with friends. 

Going to a school of two thousand people, coffee shops have become my escape. Like a good book on a Sunday morning, they are loyal and there when I need them.

Well, it is Sunday morning, and I haven't had my coffee yet, but at least I have six good choices for a small black hot coffee for here.

No room for cream, please.