We all know what you did last night, you made some bad decisions that you want to pretend never happened. 

Having a rough hangover is something that we wouldn’t wish upon our worst enemies, and always makes you reconsider if last night was all really worth it. Thankfully, there are ways to alleviate feeling like a zombie the entire day. Try any of these seven foods that will comfort your upset tummy and help cure a hangover in a hurry.

1. Avocado Toast

egg, avocado, bread, guacamole, toast, fried egg
Brittany Arnett

Avocado - Let’s just be honest with ourselves, we can’t get enough of avocado toast. Ever. This superfood will counteract the loss of mineral potassium that leads to dizziness and muscle spasms. It is also full of fiber, B6 vitamin and heart-healthy fats that will get you back on track.

2. Banana muffins

sweet, cereal, oatmeal, granola, oat, muesli, wheat, corn, nut
Katherine Baker

Bananas are great at replacing potassium and other lost electrolytes due to alcohol’s diuretic effect. Blend them into your smoothie or make these extremely easy breakfast banana muffins that requires zero skill and minimal effort. 

3. Oatmeal

caramel, chocolate
Kelly Redfield
Oats are loaded with plenty nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, vitamin B and can help neutralize acids in the body. It's also said they can boost serotonin (aka the feel-good hormone) which may help you feel a bit better about last night’s blunder, too. A hot bowl of simple or more creative warm oatmeal will make a great start to your morning.  

5. Shakshuka

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Rebecca Simonov

This classic Middle Eastern breakfast dish is more than just eggciting, but also spicy, hearty and cheap. Eggs are rich in amino acids such as cystine, which helps fight against the alcohol-induced toxins that contribute to your hangover. 

#SpoonTip: Maslow's Shakshuka is pretty bangin' and being able to order take-out makes it even better for these kinds of mornings. 

6. Sweet potato toast

bread, sandwich
Alex Frank

No, it doesn't mean French fries dripping with grease. Healthy starchy food like sweet potatoes will help you to reduce the nausea and break down alcohol in your liver. Additionally it is a source of complex carbohydrates, which will mean a slow release of energy to help you through your challenging day. Now all you need is to get out of bed and toast these babies up. 

#SpoonTip: Serve it warm with any toppings of choice such as peanut butter and jelly or even some smashed avocado? (Oh Yes).

7. Spinach smoothie 

smoothie, sweet, juice
Christin Urso

To counteract your last night's drinking with something healthier - start off your day with a green smoothie and blend in some spinach there. It made Popeye strong to the finish and it will do the same for you. Moreover, spinach is full of Vitamin C that accelerates your liver’s ability to help rid of the toxins quickly. 

Foods to avoid

bacon, cheese, sandwich, egg, cheddar
Tess Worthington

While a burger and fries may be your go-to hangover remedy, we’re sorry to say that fatty indulgences didn’t make the list. The greasy stuff you are craving won't necessarily “line your stomach” per se, but will make you feel heavy and will only add to the gastrointestinal problem you might have by irritating the stomach.

As tempting as it may be, avoid coffee for further dehydration. A green tea, matcha, or an antioxidant-filled drink can benefit you so much more. Although make sure that vegetable or fruity morning cocktail, aka smoothie, is made preferably without alcohol - hair of the dog is a myth! So drinking more alcohol to get rid of a hangover unfortunately won't work.