Cup of joe, mud, jitter juice, dirt, java—what we call it doesn’t matter. The magical powers of coffee change men both inside and out, mentally and physically. Studies suggest it can decrease cancer risk, protect against diabetes, increase mental alertness, and much, much more.

If you are a coffee virgin, having a significant other who is well-versed in the java arts may open you up to new and exciting things. And the last, but not even close to least, reason why coffee addicts make the best boyfriends is the aesthetic pleasure of a big, muscular hand wrapped around a porcelain mug (I mean, daaayyyyuummm).

According to Harvard, he is probably healthier.

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Sonia Chuang

The health benefits associated with coffee drinking have been studied for years by Harvard University. Sure, going to the gym is great, but what if your boyfriend could spend that time with you while drinking a cup of joe and still get great health benefits? Sign me up! Various studies have suggested it decreases the risk of FIVE cancers. It also has been found to lower mortality rate, protect against type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and reduce the risk of suicide.

His mental energy level is increased.

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Libby Perold

According to Livestrong, caffeine does not provide calories for the body to metabolize and extract energy from, but it does have stimulatory effects on the brain. Coffee lovers appear to have more energy, but they are in fact just more mentally alert. “More mentally alert” is science jargon for increased awareness, perception, attentiveness, and responsiveness. That means he’s more perceptive to your desires and attentive to your needs. 

He will introduce you to new things (at the VERY least in the coffee realm).

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Kristina Kim

If words like nitro brew, doppio, Americano, and breve have never crossed your lips, then you probably aren’t a coffee fiend. As a tea-lover myself, I never felt the need to introduce a new caffeine source into my diet. I’d had it before, sure, but when my boyfriend took me out on our first coffee date, it opened the floodgates. 

Due to his intent to stretch my comfort zone I was later brave enough to try exotic coffees during my travels abroad. I learned about the Italian cappuccino, the Spanish café con leche, and the french café allongé. Because of my coffee-loving boyfriend, I now drink coffee all the time; it’s a habit cued by simply being around or thinking about him. Thanks to my coffee-loving lover, I’m open to new experiences and have learned a lot about my own tastes and boundaries in the process.

Anyone with a coffee mug in their hand is infinitely hotter than without one.

Just take a look at these smokin’ hot hotties with their pipin’ hot coffees. Coffee and great looking men have the power to unite nations.

Training the next generation of java junkies.

Why isn't there any water in your bath? You're right, I don't care.

Two coffee lovers are so much better than one.

Loves coffee, Nutella, and dogs? Hold on, I need to restart my heart real quick.

This gift-to-the-world account is called Men and Coffee and has over 375,000 followers. 

So if you're thinking about who you want to date, just remember, coffee lovers are the go-to boyfriend of choice.