Started by the creators of the Cheetos cookie, Cookie Good has invented a new and innovative product. The company, based out of Santa Monica, California, has made something that has never been done before: Cookie Corn. But what is it and what’s so good about it, you may ask?

Cookie Corn is the love child of everyone’s favorite foods. It starts out with freshly popped popcorn that then is coated in homemade caramel. Now, this next step is where it gets special. After the popcorn is coated in the gooey caramel, it is tossed in crumbs of Cookie Good's freshly baked, decadent cookies. To ensure a crispy texture, they are baked in an oven until they have the perfect crunch.

Cookie Good isn’t pulling any plugs with their variety. To take the product to the next level, they have made drool-worthy flavors including 7-Layer Bar, Red Velvet, and Pancakes and Bacon. Their flavors are constantly changing to satisfy the cravings of their customers around the country.

Ross and Melanie, owners of Cookie Good, have found a passion for the baking business. Each day, they aim to make people feel "cookie good." Their new adjective (which should be in Webster's Dictionary, not gonna lie) "... is about a lot more than just eating cookies," according to their site. It's a way of stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new, just as Ross did when he started the business in the first place.

The couple was kind enough to send me some of their straight-up addictive popcorn creations. Cookie Corn is the perfect combination of sweet and salty and each new flavor I tried was better than the last. Although it was one of the most difficult decisions I've had to make, I hereby give you the list of my favorite flavors.

1. Pancakes & Bacon

Marisa Palace

Description: If brunch and caramel corn had a baby, it would be this. Made with maple caramel, the strong maple flavor truly steals the show. It was the crispiest of the bunch, and while I was hesitant about the bacon flavor, it enhanced the sweet and salty dynamic going on. This tube was the first to go in my family.

Addiction Level: 10/10

2. Chocolate Chip

Marisa Palace

Description: The best way to describe this flavor is as follows: light and airy popcorn surrounded by crispy chocolate chip cookies. Their classic cookie gets a well-deserved makeover when turned into this highly addicting snack. Sometimes, simple is better.

Addiction Level: 9/10

3. PB-Pretzel Bar

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Marisa Palace

Description: All peanut butter lovers will rejoice for this. Popcorn, as well as pretzels and roasted peanuts, are tossed in peanut butter cookie crumbles to make a heavenly snack. Plus, with all the peanuts, you won't feel too guilty because you know you're getting some protein. Not to mention, it's gluten-free.

Addiction Level: 8.5/10

4. Birthday Cake

bacon, chicken
Marisa Palace

Description: The sprinkles are indicative of the party that will be going on in your mouth from the first moment you try this. The yellow cake flavor complemented the salty popcorn. While it is last on the list, it still has a special place in my heart as it brings me back to days of Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix.

Addiction Level: 7/10


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Marisa Palace

No matter which flavor you choose, you will not be disappointed. They are each executed perfectly. Whether you like something more on the sweet side like "candy Candy CANDY" or a more savory flavor like "Cheetos," there's something that will satisfy your needs.

Wanna get your hands on some of your own Cookie Corn? You can buy it at, along with their cookies, macaroons, and bars, and have it shipped right to your door in three days or fewer. If you live in California, you can visit their storefront in Santa Monica. Join the hype and see what's so addictive about this sweet treat.