Connaught Place is the ultimate hang-out destinations for all the people of Delhi. Be it shopping with your girlfriends, fancy dates with your dear partner, lavish dinners with your parents or just some evening strolling, you can always count on CP.

If you have been loyal to CP in the past few months, you must have noticed a fancy sort of an entry to a complex in the B Block. We, being the curious souls, sneaked into the complex to discover that it's a massive two floored hub filled with restaurants and cafes. It looked pretty good with white walls and very symmetrical settings and was like a breath of fresh air amidst all the inner circle-outer circle craze we have been seeing for the past so many years.

The Colonnade is opening its gate for public soon, while giving us an option to choose from about 14 eateries. Catch a sneak peak of them, right here: 

1. Fat Lulu's

Vishesh Monga

Colonnade will bring to us the 6th outlet of Fat Lulu's in Delhi. Fat Lulu's should definitely be on your 'Pizzas To Eat Before You Die' list because trust me, they are amazing.

2. Mamagoto

jam, jelly, strawberry, gelatin, cherry
Shubhangi Aggarwal

Mamagoto is the place to-be when you are having some serious cravings for Asian cuisine. Mamagoto is famous for its authentic Thai and Chinese food.

3. Cafe Delhi Heights

garlic, chicken, garlic bread, bread, pasta, white wine
Mehak Dhawan

Cafe Delhi Heights is Delhi's own chirpy and bright cafe that gives its customers a variety of options to choose from. From great beverages to amazing desserts, they have it all (their food is delicious, obviously.)

4. The Beer Cafe

pizza, tomato, sauce, cheese, crust, dough
Vishesh Monga

As the name suggests, The Beer Cafe is famous for serving a massive variety of Beer. Even if beer is not your thing, The Beer Cafe won't disappoint you as they serve amazing food and beverages(alcohol and non-alcohol) as well.

5. Wow Momo

cream, chicken, sauce, yogurt
Mehak Dhawan

From the regular steamed momos to sizzler momos, Wow Momo is bound to leave you astonished with the variants of momos they serve. It truly is a paradise for everyone who loves momos.

6. Wanchai by Kylin

Colonnade will bring us the 7th outlet of the chain in Delhi-NCR. If you love chinese, there's no reason why you won't love Wanchai by Kylin.

7. Habibi

Mehak Dhawan

Habibi is the ultimate place to have Middle Eastern cuisine because who doesn't love a good Shawarma?

8. Krispy Kreme

chocolate, cream, waffle, ice
Mehak Dhawan

Apart from being one of the best donut makers in the world, Krispy Kreme provides its customers with beverages that will prove to be the best companions for the 5 donuts you order.

9. Keventers

milk, juice
Mehak Dhawan

With over 40 outlets in Delhi NCR, Keventers truly is the Milkshake king of the capital. The best part is you can take their bottles back home (We have about a 100 bottles lying around, really!)

10. PitaPit

If eating healthy is your thing or its just the third day of your dieting adventure and you are already craving some good food, PitaPit is the perfect solution.

11. Burger King  

bread, sandwich, cheese, bun
Mehak Dhawan

If you are a burger junkie, you don't need a special introduction for Burger King. If you haven't tried it yet, Burger King at The Colonnade is giving you one more reason (there are a 10384 more) to try their droolworthy burgers and cheese fries.

12. Costa Coffee

coffee, chocolate, tiramisu, espresso, cream, cake, cappuccino
Vishesh Monga

Who doesn't like a good cup of coffee? Costa Coffee has been around for a very long time and there's a reason why we love it so much (because its so damn good, obviously).

13. Punjabi By Nature Quickie

Punjabi by Nature serves one of the best North Indian and Mughlai food around Delhi. If you haven't already tried it, you can't call yourselves a Dilliwala who loves food.

14. The Permit Room

The Permit Room is one of the new names that The Colonnade is bringing to CP, we can't wait to try them.