New York City is known for a lot of things, and dessert is one of them. Some of iconic NYC desserts include Black Tap's Milkshakes, Dominique Ansel's cronuts, and Popbar's Popsicles. All of these desserts have gone above and beyond your ordinary desserts, and this half pound cookie is no exception. 

On 8th Avenue and West 18th Street in Manhattan, a bakery called City Cakes exists. Although their store name implies that they make cakes, they're also responsible for their famous Half Pound Cookie. It's no joke. Each cookie costs $4.50 a piece, and each flavor is worth the investment—not to mention that the size of each cookie is bigger than my two hands combined.

These cookie masterpieces come in seven different flavors, including rich chocolate chip, killer red velvet, signature sugar doodle, triple chocolate spice, Reeses pieces peanut butter, hearty oatmeal raisin, and ginger spice. Of course, my favorite flavor is chocolate chip. Call me basic. 

One of my favorite things about City Cakes and their Half Pound Cookies would be their one and only Cookie Club. This very special club is more of a rewards club and is very simple and easy to join and participate in. For every nine cookies that you buy, you get your tenth cookie for free, and let's be real, who doesn't love free stuff? 

So the next time you're in New York City or live either in or nearby the city, you might want to stop by City Cakes for some of their soft, hefty, and flavorful cookies. These cookies might be your new favorite thing and will be your go-to comfort when nobody else is around.

I don't know about you, but all I want for the holidays is to have a bae that will look at me how this woman is looking at this cookie...And more half pound cookies.