Let’s be honest: popsicles are just as good in the winter as they are in the summer. Popbar, only five minutes away from Washington Square Park, is a small popsicle fantasyland.

At Popbar, there are three types of popsicles—PopGelato, PopSorbetto and YogurtPop. So imagine your ordinary gelato, sorbet, or yogurt served frozen on a stick. How incredible does that sound? Even better, you can customize any of the three popsicles by dipping and drizzling them with white, milk or dark chocolate sauce. Based on your preference, they can also be dusted with different toppings such as coffee grains, shredded coconuts or hazelnuts.


Photo by Andre Li

Under each category of popsicles, there is a wild array of flavors:

There are more than ten choices for the creamy and rich PopGelato. Among all the flavors, pistachio hazelnut and gianduia remain the most popular.

All 14 flavors of PopSorbetto are made from real fruit, ranging from apricots to strawberries to blood oranges. Most customers compliment the delicious and healthy—only 69-79 calories—pops as being fruity and not watered down. The fact that all PopSorbetto is vegan friendly and lactose, fat and cholesterol-free is simply icing on the cake.

YogurtPop comes in plain and strawberry varieties. Both cholesterol free and low fat, they provide a simple and healthy base for the various chocolate sauces and toppings when you’re feeling indulgent.

At Popbar, all the popsicles are free of artificial flavors and coloring. Without preservatives, they are also gluten-free and made fresh daily, in-store with only natural ingredients.


Photo by Andre Li

Popbar also offers a few other interesting products such as the tea sticks, hot chocolate on a stick and iced coffee with double chocolate brownie crumbles.

Next time when you are in the area, pop into Popbar with a creative mind, make your ideal popsicle and slurp away.

Tip: Don’t forget to try their seasonal special – Pumpkin Pie PopGelato.


Address: 5 Carmine St (between Sixth Ave and Bleecker)
Hours of operation: Sun-Thur: 12pm to 11pm, Fri-Sat: 12pm to 12am