Nestled on Mifflin, right off of State Street, rests one of Madison's best restaurants. Cento artistically brings together local Madison ingredients with Italian delicacies and sets the scene with a modern ambience. Executive Chef Giovanni Novella has crafted a menu that appeals to a wide range of customers from students to couples looking for a date night, and families. 

Boozin' and Brunchin'

cappuccino, milk, espresso, coffee
Daniela Karpenos

Besides their wine pairings, Cento's menus have numerous other notable aspects. As a part of the brunch menu, the Boozy Brunch is a tempting offer for $25 per person. Here's what is included in this special: a fresh pastry, choice of any two brunch cocktails, choice of any entree (brunch, lunch, pizza), and bottomless coffee.

The Introduction

bun, jam, butter, brioche, bread, dough, sweet, pastry, croissant
Lauren Lamothe

To start, 3 plates of freshly baked croissants are placed on the table along with a side of a blueberry compote spread. Light and fluffy is an understatement for these warm treats.

A Few of Our Favorites

cheese, pizza
Brandon Fishman

There's nothing wrong with pizza for breakfast, especially when it is loaded with sausage, spinach, egg, onion, and hollandaise sauce. These flavors combine to satisfy every savory flavor you crave at breakfast, all on one perfectly crusted piece of dough.

cheese, bruschetta, toast, vegetable, bread, tomato
Brandon Fishman

The Avocado Toast is an amplified version of the make-at-home staple. Mashed avocado, roasted tomatoes, and a poached egg all on top of thickly cut fresh Batch Bakehouse toast. The tomatoes were roasted to perfection and weren't overloaded on the plate, creating a satisfying ratio of ingredients that blended perfectly.

Lauren Lamothe

The Hazelnut French Toast is simple and excellent, bringing together sweet blueberries and rich Wisconsin Maple Syrup with a hint of hazelnut, and topped with whipped cream.  

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Brandon Fishman

Cento included pasta in their Boozy Brunch menu because there's never an inappropriate time for some noodles. The Tagliatelle is a crowd favorite with bolognese, ricotta, and parmesan. Their pasta is not too heavy and makes you savor every forkful. 

Think about making Cento your next brunch excursion, and don't forget to also make a reservation for dinner as well. It fills up fast (along with your stomach) so make sure you're prepared for the full experience.