Every Walt Disney World hotel consists of a quick-service restaurant. The cuisine offered at each location varies depending on the theme of the resort. Most quick-service locations have the basic hamburger and fries, pizza, and chicken nuggets in addition to some flavorful and unique options. Since Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is largely influenced by Polynesian culture, Captain Cook’s offers a considerable number of exotic options. In my opinion, Captain Cook’s has one of the most extensive quick-service menus on property. In this article, I am going to focus on some of my favorite Polynesian dishes guests may choose from.

Pulled Pork Nachos

One day when sitting in Captain Cook’s with my friend and sister, a cast member approached our table and started a conversation with us. She inquired as to whether or not we’ve tried the pulled pork nachos. I responded with no because I am not the biggest fan of them. She said okay, but told me I should try them anyway because it is one of the restaurant’s signature dishes. Considering her suggestion, I walked back up to the register and placed an order. I did not regret my decision for one second. These nachos are the best nachos I’ve ever had. They are incredibly flavorful as they are “topped with onions, cheese, spicy mayo, tomatoes and pineapple salsa.” Since I am an individual who enjoys food with eccentric flavors, these nachos exceeded my expectations. I especially liked how the chips melted on my tongue. All of the flavors meshed well together with every bite. I would recommend eating this as an appetizer with one or two people or enjoying it as an individual entrée. Whenever I visit Captain Cook’s, I always start with these nachos.

Thai Coconut Meatballs

If you’re like me, you’ve probably only ever had meatballs with marinara or garlic sauce. When I read that these meatballs were drenched in coconut sauce, I was curious about how they tasted as I tend to associate coconut with dessert or chocolate because of its sweetness. It never crossed my mind that coconut would pair well with meatballs. When I took my first bite, I was astounded by how sweet and savory it had been. I thought the coconut sauce especially complemented the fluffy white rice the three meatballs rested on. This portion is enough for one person, so I would not advise sharing unless you’re not super hungry.

Aloha Pork Sandwich

If you’ve noticed one thing while reading this article, it’s probably that many of the dishes served at Captain Cook’s contain pork. This sandwich is suitable for people who want a taste of ethnic food, but do not want to completely deviate from their favorite foods while on vacation. I particularly like this sandwich because of its addition of Asian slaw. It’s is a nice change from the regular barbeque sauce commonly served with pulled pork.

Hawaiian Flatbread

People look at me like I have three heads when I tell them that this flatbread is the best flatbread I’ve ever had, but it’s true. I know many people prefer that from signature Italian restaurants, but I like my food with a twist. This flatbread has “marinara, pineapple, onions, ham, mozzarella, and Parmesan.” Since this flatbread is topped with two different kinds of cheeses, I would certainly say this is a wonderful option for cheese connoisseurs. I am also a huge fan of pineapple as a pizza or flatbread topping, so the fact that its present is a bonus. If you’re vegetarian, you can make a special request specifying no ham. I prefer this flatbread to that at any of the quick-service restaurants at any of the theme parks or other resorts. 

Overall Thoughts

Captain Cooks at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort has one of the most diverse menu's with a variety of eccentric Polynesian cuisine. If you are ever in need of a quick-service meal while at Walt Disney World, I would highly recommend Captain Cooks.