The rich smell of the entrepreneurial spirit now fills the halls of Annenberg. On the second floor, BrewBike’s student-run coffee pop-up shop bustles with the business of the caffeine-addicted and groggy alike.

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Alex Schwartz

The student-run coffee pop-up shop stationed itself under the Arch for spring and fall since 2015 where it would gain popularity but the students in charge wanted to take it a step further. Adapting to Midwestern winter, BrewBike wheeled itself indoors after their cart became frozen in the parking spot and opened its winter pop-up counterpart. 

BrewBike serves LIMITLESS tea and coffee because of the company’s commitment to clean beans and good roasts. Pair any of their drinks with a Bennison’s pastry, a luxury you can get right at the cart, for a real coffee shop feeling on your way to class,

With special blend cold brews and caffeinated hot chocolate, it was hard to pick a favorite from BrewBike’s impressive selection but the real standout is their ButterBrew.

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Alex Schwartz

The drink begins with hot coffee. Then, a mix of grass-fed butter and coconut oil is added and blended before being poured into your cup. The strange-sounding combination tastes smooth, as it lacks the bitter bite of expresso, but not so strong that it overpowers the full blend of flavors.

Research indicates that a cup of coffee with a little healthy fat stirred in, like coconut oil and grass-fed butter, can boost your metabolism throughout the day, especially if consumed in the morning.

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Alex Schwartz

BrewBike does more than just your cup of coffee. In addition to being the first student-run coffee spot on campus, the pop-up looks for ways to give back, often to the community as a whole.

In early February, BrewBike partnered with the Northwestern University Community for Human Rights and Northwestern University Mock United Nations to profit-share with the American Civil Liberties Union and organize their customers to make calls to their congressmen in protest of the recent executive order limiting immigration from certain Middle Eastern nations.

Owner and CEO of BrewBike Lucas Philips said they created the company for the experiential learning and to “help our customers get their caffeine fix every day, in the most convenient way.” BrewBike also makes sure that students feel good doing so.

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Alex Schwartz

Be sure to use your Spoon Crawl coupon to receive 50% off a cup of ButterBrew in the month of February.