Coffee, butter and oil. It may not immediately sound appetizing, but more and more people are replacing the typical coffee with milk and sugar with this unusual combination.

Dave Asprey, creator of Bulletproof Coffee, the company accredited with this food trend, guarantees it will be the “most satisfying cup of coffee you’ve ever had.” The butter not only boosts the creamy taste but also reduces the caffeine crash produced by regular coffee; it even promotes weight loss.

The ingredients required are incredibly specific – only modified coffee beans, “Brain Octane Oil” (a combination of coconut oil and palm oil) and grass-fed butter can be used. The beans are processed to reduce toxins and harmful bacteria through a specialized fermentation and roasting process, resulting in a safer, more flavorful cup of coffee. The oil used is also similarly designed. It is eighteen times more potent than regular coconut oil and induces the rapid metabolization of ketones for maximum cognitive function. As for the butter, grass-fed butter is known to have a richer taste and beneficial fats with boosted vitamins. Kerrygold is the most common brand available at local markets.


Photo by Julia Liang

The high-fat drink is intended to replace the traditional breakfast for a faster, more efficient meal. To prepare Bulletproof coffee, add one to two tablespoons each of organic butter and and oil after brewing a regular cup of coffee. Place the mixture into a blender and combine until a smooth liquid is formed. The result is a thicker, almost latte-like cup of coffee.

Although it may sound like a strange gambit, the effects of Bulletproof coffee have scientific proof. Butter, with its high levels of fat, takes a long time to metabolize; when mixed with coffee, it acts as a time-release agent and slows the digestion process. The result is a prolonged caffeine buzz with lower risks of a crash in several hours. The consumption of a high-fat food without carbohydrates also tricks the body into weight loss by ketosis, a state of increased fat burning. In fact, Asprey accredits his eighty-pound weight loss to the metabolic effects of Bulletproof Coffee.

Test out the Bulletproof life for yourself with the specially concocted starter kit from the official website.