A new trend is taking over Silicon Valley, proving that butter really does make everything better.

Dave Asprey, Silicon Valley investor, technology entrepreneur, and founder of The Bulletproof Executive, journeyed to Tibet with plans to meditate, but what he discovered is changing the way people are approaching many aspects of their lives.

After trying Tibet’s native yak-butter tea, Asprey found he had much more energy and did not suffer from altitude sickness. Asprey quickly realized he might be on to something.

In his experimentation, Asprey used coffee as the drink’s base instead of tea and spent years trying different ingredients to create what is known as Bulletproof coffee.

Bulletproof coffee has been known to enhance work performance, boost energy, and provide various health benefits. Before you get too excited, you should know that this magical potion is not as simple as dumping a spoonful of Parkay into your instant coffee.


Photo by Huanan Wu

After years of perfecting the recipe, Asprey found that adding 1-2 tablespoons of grass-fed butter (a.k.a. coconut oil) to his cup of joe boosted his energy, promoted weight loss, and prevented the mid-morning hunger pangs that leave you counting down the minutes until your lunch break.

Caffeine, a well-known performance enhancer increases metabolism and gives you the buzz that gets you through your Monday morning blues. Grass-fed butter, a healthy heart super food, is rich in cancer fighting antioxidants and body fat burning vitamins. We like the sound of that.

All of these factors work together to positively impact cognitive function and enhance performance in the work place. College students take note: in an interview with Courtney Rubin, of Fast Company, Asprey claims that regularly drinking Bulletproof coffee helped his IQ jump 20 points. This could be the key to passing calculus.

This phenomenon has Hollywood in a tizzy as celebrities from Maya Rudolph to Jimmy Fallon to the L.A. Lakers head of nutrition are jumping on the bandwagon. In a recent tweet, Shailene Woodley describes the latte-like beverage as “one of the greatest of human achievements,” and if Shailene is on board then shouldn’t we all be?

I now leave you to drink butter, go forth and prosper.

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