In the words of Linda Belcher, Alriiight! If you didn't already wish you lived in LA, you will now. The owner of the LA Eggslut restaurant, Alvin Cailan, will be hosting a Bob's Burgers art show and burger collaboration along with his business partner Jeremy Fall, from Thursday, December 1st until December 10th. 

The show will take place in Chinatown at Cailan's concept shop/culinary incubator Unit 120. It will include a variety of guest chefs, who have not been announced yet, and they will cook burgers inspired by the show. Because this is not an actual restaurant, and art is the focus, the dining room will be used for the art show, while burgers will be at the takeout window. There will be art work presented there by Bob's Burgers artists. 

Bob's Burgers put out their own cookbook earlier this year, and you can read more about that here. The popular show started in 2011, and is currently in its seventh season. It was created by created by Loren Bouchard and airs on FOX. If you live under a rock and know nothing about Bob's Burgers, the show follows Bob Belcher, his wife Linda, and their three children, who all work in his restaurant (appropriately named Bob's Burgers).

Cailan and Fall had previously used the window next to Unit 120 to start a burger concept called Easy's, but it has since left. Unit 120 is used as a beginning point for certain projects and ideas before they move on to their own locations.