Every college student is familiar with staying up late into the night to study, waking up at the crack of dawn, rushing to make it to early morning classes, and craving that much-needed cup of coffee that makes our crazy lifestyles possible.

At WashU, we have questionable coffee options on campus and should direct our caffeine cravings to the Delmar Loop, where Blueprint Coffee offers the best of the best. Blueprint is within walking distance from campus, and is only a few blocks away from The Lofts and popular off-campus housing on Washington Ave and Kingsbury.

Charlotte Ohana

WashU students often overlook this staple on the loop, but after a taste test as an avid coffee-drinker, I've learned that no other coffee shop rivals the standards of quality and taste of Blueprint's coffee. I spoke with barista Abbie, and owner Mike Marquard to get the insider information on what makes this coffee so delicious.

Like anything else, the best coffee is a result of painstaking attention to detail. That’s exactly what the employees are doing at Blueprint Coffee, where they follow their coffee from bean to cup.

Coffee Beans

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Abby Reisinger

The process starts with the story of the coffee bean. The owners of Blueprint make sure to pay careful attention to where their coffee is coming from. They definitely do their due diligence, which includes flying out to Guatemala to visit the farm where the coffee they serve is grown.

While on the farm, they learn about the surrounding region, the microclimate of the farm, and the microbiology of the soil. All of this is made possible because of the small batch nature of Blueprint, and the passion, which each employee brings. A larger company like Starbucks simply cannot oversee the process like Blueprint does.


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Charlotte Ohana

Once the beans are back in the store, the roasting process begins. Roasters focus on bringing out the natural flavors of the coffee. One of the most important aspects of roasting is not to burn the coffee, which creates an overwhelmingly bitter taste.

Instead of trying to hide the usual bitter flavor of coffee, the roasters at Blueprint highlight it and incorporate it into the complex flavor profile. Each flavor profile is unique, but each focuses on creating a balance between sweetness, brightness, and body. Natural fruity or acidic undertones are also unlocked in order to tap into the full potential of the coffee bean.


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Charlotte Ohana

After the coffee is roasted, it enters the brewing process. Blueprint uses a V-60 single cup pour over brewing system, making each cup of coffee to order. The coffee is perfectly balanced, and requires no added milk or sugar. A selection of syrups, however, are made in-house and are designed to complement the robust flavor of the coffee. If you are looking for an amazingly smooth cold brew, Blueprint has you covered.

They let the coffee steep for 16-20 hours in reverse osmosis filtered water, ensuring the best possible taste. Blueprint is also making nitro coffee, which is a much stronger coffee, similar to espresso. It is infused with nitrogen gas, which creates a head when poured, similar to a beer. It packs the most caffeine and is sure to give you an energy boost.

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Libby Perold

Blueprint is serving up coffee with a conscience, which is present in every cup that they serve. If you’re looking to improve your morning routine with a better cup of coffee, or looking for a “pick me-up” in the afternoon, make sure to stop by Blueprint and try one of their amazing hot or iced drinks.