For all us coffee addicts, iced coffee is a summer staple. Now that it’s finally appropriate weather to be drinking iced coffee it’s time to explore all of the glorious iced coffee options out there. The newest trend uses nitrogen gas to create a unique and delicious iced coffee. Nitro brewed iced coffee is rising in popularity and becoming a fierce competitor among other forms of the summer treat.

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What exactly is the difference between regular cold brew and nitro brewed coffee? Nitro coffee is similarly brewed through a keg as some types of regular cold brew coffee. The big difference is that nitro brews are pushed up through the keg using nitrogen gas. The result is a naturally creamy and lightly carbonated coffee sure to blow your mind.

Nitro brewed coffee has more caffeine than regular cold brew. Yes, you read that correctly. Though it is unclear exactly how much more, nitro coffee will give you more caffeine per sip. There are also some suggestions that the nitrogen leads to faster caffeine absorption. It is clearly the most caffeine efficient choice for all coffee addicts.

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With the natural creaminess and added flavor from the nitrogen, you won’t want any extra milk or sugar in your coffee. Nitro brewed coffee is truly a healthy treat. It’ll satisfy your caffeine and sweets cravings without consequences – guaranteed.

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The market for nitro brew coffee is growing rapidly. By the end of the summer, 500 Starbucks locations will be serving nitro brew. To get a quick fix in NYC, visit Plowshares Coffee on the UWS or one of the Stumptown Coffee locations.  If you can’t make it to a store front you can order cans of Stumptown’s nitro cold brew here.

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