The name says it all. Blueprint, the Loop’s newest coffee joint, is sleek, minimalist, modern (think card-reading iPad minis instead of cash registers) and pursues caffeinated perfection with simple-minded professionalism.


Photo by Libby Perold

Just a walk down Delmar, Blueprint Coffee delivers a tailored and interactive experience. Baristas chat up new customers over a low glass counter before they order, explaining Blueprint’s small but diverse menu that features select coffees from Kenya, Ethiopia, and Mexico. Manager Kevin Reddy, one of six founding partners, says that the menu will change several times a year in order to give customers more exposure to the vast world of coffee.


Photo by Libby Perold

Blueprint’s high grade drinks are definitely more expensive than the standard Starbucks cup, ranging anywhere from $3 to $12, and the unique flavors are an abrupt departure from the world of cream and sugar. But that’s the entire point, according Reddy: “We see coffee as a nuanced beverage like wine or whiskey instead of a commodity.”


Photo by Libby Perold

Hungry stomachs can choose from a selection of artisanal breads and pastries from neighboring Comet Coffee to go with their coffee. The food is showcased beneath the glass counters, while various coffee related merchandise, including bags of Blueprint’s beans, decorate the walls and cabinets. The interior is covered with smooth wooden paneling and bare furnishings, giving off a meticulous yet rustic vibe.


Photo by Libby Perold


Photo by Libby Perold

For customers who choose to stay and relax, the hand-roasted coffee is served on aluminum trays in transparent Pyrex beakers with ceramic cups. “It’s all about empowering the consumers,” says Reddy. “We want our customers to realize they are capable of choosing their coffee drinking experience. So transparency is key.”


Photo by Libby Perold

Overall, Blueprint Coffee is worth checking out. The service is friendly, knowledgable, and unpretentious, and the atmosphere is great for studying (although it can get busy on weekends around lunchtime). And while $5 for a cup of joe may seem excessive, the quality makes up for it. With help from some of the best baristas in St. Louis, Blueprint has made brewing coffee a liquid science.


Address: 6225 Delmar Blvd, St. Louis, MO

Hours of Operation: Mon: 7am to 2pm, Tues-Sun: 7am to 7pm