Let me just start by saying that the Blue Shirt Café is totally underrated. While it doesn't look like much, and certainly doesn't get the hype of Dave's, the Blue Shirt Café should be held in the highest esteem.

The Blue Shirt Café offers tons of options: they have sandwiches, wraps, rice bowls, salads, soups... the list goes on and on. They even have enormous breakfast plates and fresh pressed juices and smoothies so you can feel both healthy and trendy.

I always get the Red, White and Blue smoothie, which has strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, but they have really good fresh iced tea, too.

sweet, juice, jam, berry, strawberry, smoothie, ice, cocktail
Hannah Kahn

The Blue Shirt Café is every student's easy weeknight takeout. It's perfect for those nights when you're too lazy to cook or just over the dining hall. One "rice bowl" is enough food (for me at least) for 2+ meals, which means only around $9 for two meals (not bad for takeout). My favorites are the Thai peanut chicken bowl and the spinach chicken wrap.

#SpoonTip: There are loads of vegetarian options here!

falafel, sandwich, hummus
Hannah Kahn

The Blue Shirt Café is great for camping out to study too, for those times when Tisch is just exhausting and Diesel is a madhouse. They have free wifi, and it's usually pretty quiet, so you can be left alone to get shit done (and their hours are 8AM-10PM, so you've got plenty of time).

Only a quick Joey ride away located right in the center of Davis Square, the Blue Shirt Café is the ultimate restaurant for the lazy but (attempting to be) healthy college student.