I don't know about you, but when I reach for some edible cookie dough, I want something that tastes like the real thing. Forget chickpeas and coconut flour. While they're great for a healthy snack, I'll take some sugar, butter, and flour for dessert.

Life's too short to deprive yourself of that licking-the-bowl feeling, and that's exactly why firefighter Austin Groesser and businessman Daniel Fuller came together to create Big Dipper Dough Co

The Big Idea

Instead of finding lower fat, sugar, and calorie substitutes for traditional cookie dough ingredients, Big Dipper Dough Co. focuses on creating the best possible tasting product that's still 100% safe to eat. They've worked to remove all chemicals and preservatives from their formula. They even heat-treat the flour and leave out the eggs, so you don't have to worry about salmonella or E-coli.

Groesser and Fuller tried over 140 different recipes to narrow it down to the best possible edible cookie dough. It's good for spooning, snacking, and even baking to your heart's content. 

The Flavors

In a fun and playful twist, Big Dipper Dough Co. made their flavors space-themed. An animal mascot with a spunky name also represents each flavor. From koala to polar bear, just the cute factor is enough motivation to give this cookie dough a try. 

I was lucky enough to get to sample their two existing flavors, as well as two of the four that are hitting stores this summer. 

Rocket Chip: Chocolate Chip Cookie

This flavor is the OG and it didn't let me down. As a chocolate-lover, I'm almost always left craving a little more chocolate in any pre-made cookies or doughs. Rocket Chip lives up to its name with the perfect chocolate chip to dough ratio. 

Another element that I really liked was the texture. It wasn't too gooey or too stiff to eat fresh out of the pint. 

Domination: Monster Cookie

Wow. I didn't realize that all of these flavors could, and should, go together until now. There's coconut flakes, oats, mini chocolate chips, and peanut butter combining to make a flavor that truly lives up to its name: Domination.

An added bonus of this dough flavor is that you can bake it straight out of the pint. Just dollop some on a cookie sheet and you can have baked cookies in no time. I have to admit that none of mine made it that far.

Galactic Fusion: Cookies 'N' Cream

I was a little skeptical when I first cracked into this pint. I wasn't sure how the combination of cookie dough and cookies and cream would work. Once I tasted it, however, I quickly went back for another serving. 

It comes with chunks of chocolate cookie and the dough base tastes like the cream center of that cookie we've all come to love. My one disappointment was the lack of crunchy texture. If this flavor had some mini white chocolate chips, it would be a true home run for me.

Super Cluster: Cherry Chocolate Chunk

Although this flavor wasn't my personal favorite, it did take me back to when my grandmother would always have a tub of cherry chocolate chunk ice cream waiting in the freezer when we visited. It was my brother's favorite. 

Anyone that's a fan of oatmeal raisin cookies, or any other fruity dessert combination, would love this new flavor. It even has that texture complexity that Galactic Fusion was missing. 

Unfortunately, Super Cluster and Galactic Fusion haven't officially hit the shelves yet, but be on the lookout for a first glimpse at the space-themed packaging in Summer 2018. 

Where to Buy

I know, I know. You're dying to dig your spoon into your own pint of Big Dipper edible cookie dough, right?

If you're from Michigan, or a nearby state, you're in luck. Rocket Chip and Domination flavors are already in 655 stores. If not, don't fear. You can buy yourself a pint, or two or three, on Amazon.

Super Cluster and Galactic Fusion are two of the four new flavors that should hit shelves in Summer 2018. Anti-Matter, a vegan and gluten-free chocolate chip dough, and Choco-Naut, a fudge brownie batter flavor, round out the bunch. 

Until then, you can try making your own brownie batter using this recipe

Happy spooning!