Last week, I arrived at Sip Stir to get all my Sunday homework done. Armed with my laptop and lengthy to-do list I was ready to work for several hours. Upon arrival I was told the words no coffee shop worker ever wants to hear, “Our internet is down”. Annoyed, I quickly packed up all my things and went searching for a nearby Starbucks. As I power-walked through the streets of Uptown, unable to contain my angst, I discovered the holy grail of coffee shops, Brewed+Pressed. I almost instantly fell in love. The rare combination of coffee shop, juicery and study location immediately had me in awe. Here are 5 reasons why Brewed + Pressed is my new favorite study cafe and why it should be yours too.

1. Ambiance

Hayley Reardon

The moment I walked in, I immediately fell in love with the modern and trendy aesthetic. The white walls beautifully complimented the green accents throughout. Brewed + Pressed was filled with the perfect amount of people so that I wasn’t the only one in there, but it wasn’t too loud for me to focus. It was also nice to study in a place not completely marred by an overwhelming number of SMU students. 

2. Juice

Hayley Reardon

If anyone ever claims that they actually like the taste of green juice they are probably lying. I am a firm believer, that liquid greens simply cannot be satisfying. That being said, the green juice at Brewed + Pressed, tastes significantly better than most and is actually moderately filling. I tried almost all of the green juice options on the menu and Orchard Greens is the best by far.  

3. Healthy Shots

Hayley Reardon

With the fear of the "Peruna Plague" constantly looming, I never pass up the opportunity for an immunity shot. The combination of lemon, ginger, turmeric, honey, cayenne and black pepper sounds daunting at first, but is actually pretty easy to drink. Seconds after taking the shot, I felt like the healthiest person alive. The Brewed + Pressed shots come in convenient mini glass bottles, making it easy to take home for later. 

4. Smoothies

Hayley Reardon

Saying that I am obsessed with the Mint Chocolate Chip smoothie at Brewed + Pressed might be an understatement. I am not lying when I say it almost tastes like a milk shake. It is the perfect 3pm pick-me-up to get you through the rest of your work. Bonus, the smoothie is green so it makes you feel extra healthy. 

5. Snacks

Hayley Reardon

Getting hungry while doing homework is inevitable. Brewed + Pressed has an amazing selection of snacks to help you keep working. Their menu ranges from maple granola, to sweet potato kale bowl, to cacao truffles. These snacks are so good you forget that you are spending your Sunday afternoon writing a paper. 

Next time you can’t find a table in Fondren or Starbucks gets too loud, make sure you try Brewed + Pressed. I promise, you won’t regret it.