Graduation is quickly approaching - I know, I'm not a fan of the "G-word" either, but we have to accept it - and so are all the family members who are coming to see you walk the stage. Food is an important part of any celebration, but you're in college now, and you can enjoy the thrill of taking your parents to Nashville bars. Not all bars are created equal, however - read on to see which bars are best for all your different bacchanalian pursuits. 

For When You Want a Quiet Night with Your Parents: Patterson House

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Mary Beth Schatzman

With some of the best and most creative mixology in the city, Patterson House is the perfect place to take your parents on their first night in town before all the relatives arrive. It'll be a nice place to reflect on your senior year and how much you appreciate your parents (and not just because they're paying for your drinks, either). Take a walk on the wild side and order something off the menu - I highly recommend the El Diablo. 

For When You Want to Show Your Family a Classy Taste of the College Life: Acme

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Mary Beth Schatzman

Acme is the bar you wish you were able to go to all of college but couldn't until you were 21. Now, you can go drink Mulekickers (moonshine margaritas, for the uninitiated) on the rooftop bar after enjoying some food downstairs. Pretend this was how all of your nights out were in college - don't worry, I won't tell. 

For When You Want a Casual Dinner and Drinks With the Whole Family: Clyde's

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Mary Beth Schatzman

It's casual, it's inexpensive, it has lots of beer, and it's got enough space for the dozen relatives that are coming to see you. What's not to love? I know I talk about Clyde's all the time, but the hype is worth it. Do yourself a favor and order a local beer or the Hurricanes with an order of the soft pretzels. 

For When You Want to Show Your Cousins What College Was Really Like: Rippy's 

Do I think you went to Rippy's every single Thursday/Friday/Saturday? No. Do I think that it can replicate the craziness of Tin Roof on Demonbreun and still get you downtown hearing how a real honky tonk sounds? Yes. Bonus points if you see a bachelorette party walk by or a wayward twenty-first birthday. 

For When You Need a Place to Relax After Graduation: Smith & Lentz Brewing

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Mary Beth Schatzman

Pros: it's far from the chaos of graduation crowds. Cons: it's also probably far from where ever your relatives are staying. If you can make it to East Nashville with your crew, enjoy a few craft beers or a flight, then hit up Yeast Nashville down the street for an afternoon snack.