About five months ago, I decided to get dinner with a friend. This friend, knowing that I was an extreme "foodie," entrusted me with the restaurant decision, and having exhausted the options near campus, I decided to go for a place that would be brand new to both of us. I went for a bar/restaurant nearby that I hadn't heard much about but seemed cool. It was called Clyde's. 

I was immediately floored. Clyde's is the kind of place you either want to keep entirely to yourself or proclaim to the entire world. After a honeymoon period of Clyde's being "my spot," I have reached the point where I now think everyone deserves to see the magic of this amazing bar and restaurant on the corner of 17th and Church. Don't believe me? Read it and weep. 

1. The Ambience

beer, pizza
Mary Beth Schatzman

Clyde's has everything you could want, from a sign loudly proclaiming "WELCOME TO THE THUNDERDOME" to comfy couches to a bar covered in bottle caps to ping pong tables and shuffle boards. It's billed like an adult game room, and it's the perfect place to bring friends for a fun dinner or a kickback night with drinks and football.  

2. The Food

bread, pretzel
Mary Beth Schatzman

All of Clyde's food is pretty outstanding. Their fried chicken is served on a baking sheet and takes up at least 1/3 of it, not counting the sides. Their salads are flavorful, and their veggie burgers are delicious.

That said, there is one food item I can't not order when I go into Clyde's: their soft pretzels. Served four to a basket in gentle, delicious braids, they're the perfect appetizer. 

#SpoonTip: Ask for them with the honey mustard. It's the perfect complement to the pretzels, and I learned it from a Clyde's staffer. It's basically insider information.

3. The Punch

ice, cream, coffee, milk, chocolate
Mary Beth Schatzman

Clyde's has quite a few specialty drinks in addition to a wide beer selection, but their punches are somethin' special. There are four: Hunch Punch, Jungle Juice, Hurricane, and The John Daly. They come in plastic souvenir cups (if you take yours home, I won't judge—I've done it) with fruit garnishes and paper umbrellas, and they've got alcoholic ingredients that'll make your head spin.

At least two of them have Everclear, and most of them have multiple types of liquor. They're delicious and perfect to begin or end a night out. 

4. The Brunch

Mary Beth Schatzman

Just in case you thought Clyde's couldn't get any better (I'll forgive you, it's a rookie mistake) they serve brunch, too. And it's an amazing brunch. There are plates for every palate, from the "Boring Breakfast Plate" of a very large biscuit, eggs, potatoes, bacon, and your choice of side, to brisket-stuffed baked potatoes to granola and fresh fruit.

Their $3 mimosas don't hurt either, and they've got the best atmosphere for a no-frills, filling morning meal. 

5. The Versatility

The best part about Clyde's is that I feel like I could take anyone there. At this point, I very nearly have. I've taken friends for drinks, I've met up with my younger brother for dinner, and I've even taken my whole family there for a fun and casual dinner during parents' weekend.

Clyde's is like a good friend: there for you at every turn, whether it's a turn up night or you're meeting your parents. Besides, who can resist a totally sick tennis mural? I'm a little sad to be giving away the secret that is Clyde's, but I'm looking forward to seeing all of you there.