As a small town native, the weekly farmers market was just a part of the routine. I spent my Sundays roaming around, sampling fruit, petting stranger's dogs, and greeting friends as the town gathered together to support the local vendors. Moving to urban Los Angeles, I was happy to to keep my small-town tradition, amazed at how many unique farmer's markets were now available to me.

Living in LA means living a busy life, but thankfully, that's not a problem because there's a farmers market every day of the week. And that means there's one out here for every one, no matter when you have the time. But if you're feeling ambitious, here's the challenge: one week, seven farmers markets, lots of homegrown treats. 

Sunday: Historic Downtown Farmers Market

Sundays are always grocery shopping days in my family, and the Historic Downtown Farmers Market is a good place to start. It's a classic farmers market, where you can find any fruit and vegetable, apples and oranges and pears, oh my!

Located on West 5th St. in DTLA from 9am-2pm, it's the perfect way to get the groceries for the week and have a fresh, healthy Sunday brunch as you shop around.

Monday: West Hollywood Farmers Market

Mondays are the worst day of the week but if anything can make this dreaded day better, it's fresh falafel. West Hollywood's Farmers Market is known for their falafel and Mediterranean food, so even though you might not need any more groceries, it's the best place to go for a quick lunch and a savory treat to get through the rest of your day. 

Located on 1200 N Vista St, West Hollywood, CA 90046 every Monday from 9am-2pm.

Tuesday: Culver City Farmers Market

Chances are, after Sunday's trip you won't need many groceries, but there's still a reason to head over to Culver City's Farmers Market. These handmade woven pieces are absolutely beautiful and come in every color and pattern imaginable. Pick up a gift for a friend, find a new centerpiece, or buy a cute little bowl so you can finally keep all your keys in one place. 

This stand and the rest of the market is definitely worth checking out if you have some time after work. Located on Main St, Culver City from 2pm-7pm.

Wednesday: Santa Monica Farmers Market

It's hump day! And what better way to get that extra push for the week than a surprisingly delicious vegan pastry? Santa Monica's farmers market is abundant with flowers and fresh produce if you need to stock up mid-week, but the highlight is definitely the maple vegan donuts. Even meat-eaters (like me!) can appreciate the naturally sweetened dough and rich maple flavored glaze. And it's vegan so its healthy, right?

Head over Wednesday mornings for a quick breakfast right by the beach, located on 1901 Main St, Santa Monica from 8am-1:30pm.

Thursday: Westwood Farmers Market

Thursdays are always the boring tease of the week, and what better way to spice up the day than a pumpkin spice homemade bundt cake. As a UCLA student, Westwood's Farmers Market is near and dear to my heart, and I can definitely vouch for it; I head down there every week to buy flowers for my dorm and sample a different bundt cake on my way back to the hill. 

The flavors are delicious (I've tried practically all of them), the cakes are moist, the frosting is sweet and light, and the vendors are always offering free bite sized samples to try. They are also freezer friendly, and will keep for months when frozen. 

This is not a booth or market you should skip out on. There's even free parking during the times the market is open, so theres no excuse! Located on 1083 Broxton Ave, Los Angeles, every Thursday from 12-6pm.

Friday: Venice Farmers Market

Venice Farmers Market, like the city it is located in, is nothing if not interesting. Walking around, you might be so inclined to take out your phone and Instagram, not the fruit, but the colorful mushrooms being sold. Friday is the best day to grab a bunch, try a new, strange mushroom recipe with friends you've never heard of, or maybe put it in your coffee (its a thing apparently?). 

Either way, this market will not disappoint and is a great place to spend your Friday mornings. Located on 500 Venice Blvd from 7-11am.

Saturday: The Original Farmers Market

The weekend is in full swing on Saturdays and so is the call for adventure. The Original Farmers Market is the perfect place to wander around on a Saturday with friends. Unlike local, more lowkey, markets, the OG market is pretty big, with set up shops and cafes as well as traditional booths. You can find anything here— from sandwiches to veggies to caramel apples. 

If you do decide to check it out, make your first stop the booth that serves coffee in a waffle cone. You can choose to enjoy an espresso, hot chocolate, macchiato, or a granita (an italian gourmet cold slushee which sounds incredible) in a fresh edible waffle cone. The cones themselves are a treat, with flavors like peanut butter, nutella, s'mores, or just the classic: coated with chocolate. It's not something you want to pass up on. 

Other highlights of this market include gumbo, huge hot dogs, ice cream and authentic tacos. It's the place to be for breakfast, lunch, dinner and the many snacks you'll need in between. Located on 6333 W 3rd St, Los Angeles from 9am-8pm on Saturdays, and open daily during the week from 9am-9pm

Every Farmers Market has a special secret you just can't find in a grocery store. As much as I might love Trader Joes, spending a week discovering some of Los Angeles local markets is like opening a door to a whole new world of fresh sweets and handmade art. The age old excuse of inconvenience doesn't work anymore. No matter what your schedule is, there's a farmers market near you to explore. Support your local farmers!