Date nights do not always go as planned and the setting can play a huge role in the experience. But... we're gonna get it right!

Everyone in State College knows that there's a ton to eat downtown. And we know that when it comes to taking a date out to eat it can become a little hectic. Lucky for you, I have basically eaten my way through downtown and have hand picked a few perfect date night spots.

Again, dates can be rough but, on the bright side even if its not the best first date at least you can get a good meal out of it!

1. Inferno: Brick Oven and Bar

With a delicious menu filled with appetizers, pizzas, and salads Inferno is a great choice for a romantic date night because there is a lot to share! With the brick exterior and dark decor inside the atmosphere gives off sultry date vibes.

Location: 340 E. College Ave.

2. Tadashi Sushi

No matter where you are, I think sushi is hands down the best option for a date night. Sometimes on dates we find ourselves self conscious about what to order because shoving our faces can be embarrassing. Sushi is bite sized and with the use of chopsticks it's super clean and easy - which makes it the perfect option. 

Tadashi's small interior helps make sure first dates don't feel too awkward or silent, but on the flip side, if things are going well, it can also make things feel more intimate! My suggestion for a first date would be to sit at the bar, this way you can have a more casual, comfortable experience and don't have to be staring at your date across the table.

Location: 206 W. College Ave.

3.  The Field Burger & Tap

The Field is my go-to spot for any special occasion or celebration like a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s day. It can also be fun for a first date! The best way to start off the meal is to order fries for the table and the Parmesan Truffle Fries are a personal favorite of mine. Don't forget to end the night with one of their signature milkshakes. Whether it be salted caramel pretzel or s’mores, it's all delicious and if you’re 21, you can even get a “hard” milkshake.  (If you don’t have a car you may have to Uber there but…it’s worth it, I promise!) 

Location: 1 Country Club Lane. 

4.  The Corner Room

Monday night at The Corner Room has all you can eat pasta for $5.99 from 4pm to close which definitely fits more of the college budget. With the majority of employees wearing Penn State apparel, you and your date will feel right at home.  If you and your special someone have completely different tastes in food, don’t worry, they have something for everyone from Philly Cheesesteaks to Quesadillas and amazing Loaded Tater Tots to start.

Location: 100 W. College Ave. 

5. Rothrock Coffee

Catherine Drinker

This spot is the perfect place to go to take a break from the outside world and focus on your date.  The calm atmosphere makes for an relaxing experience and an easy place to sit back, relax, and enjoy some company.  It is especially cozy during the winter time paired with a cup of coffee of course!

Location: 1736 S. Atherton St. 

You can’t go wrong with any of the choices I mentioned, but it’s all about what’s right for you and your significant other. So get out there and have fun on that first date! State College is the perfect restaurant scene for you and your special someone.