Why sit among the dust and books when you can be enveloped by the smells of fresh-baked pastries and the sound of the espresso machine working away?

While some students prefer to lounge in the stacks, dozing off onto their laptop or one of the school's five-million dictionaries, I find the best study spot is among the caffeine-addicted.

There's something about the community of a coffee-shop that gives me warm fuzzy feelings.

Maybe it's the steam from my almond milk caramel latte or the caffeine finally working its way into my brain, but I can't shake the feeling that cafes become a second home as soon as you set one foot inside that worn-down entryway.

I mean, what better place to crack open your laptop, whip open your planner and jot down some Physics 101 formulas?

As an undergraduate at the University of Connecticut, it has been my sworn duty to discover the best nooks and crannies to get sh*t done.

Without further ado, here are the best coffee shop in Storrs, Connecticut to fill your mouth with mocha and your noggin with knowledge:

1. The Beanery

Everyone loves the Beanery! This can make it a tad bit crowded at times but it's worth it as soon as you sip on one of their fantastic lattes.

Head over on a Tuesday night for open mic and you might just catch some of UConn's local hidden talent!

2. Dog Lane Cafe

Let me just say this: their grilled cheese? To die for. Delicious smoothies, gluten-free desserts, all-day breakfast, what could be better?

This locality is the place to be if you want to fulfill your dreams of boujee book-reading and magnificent munching.

3. UConn Bookstore

Okay, okay, so this place is basically a jazzed-up library; but who can resist the allure of Starbucks coffee and finally getting your name spelled right on one of their patent bright-white cups?

Plus, window shopping and retail therapy are the best kinds of study breaks.

4. Barnes and Noble, UConn Storrs

While technically not "on-campus," the UConn Barnes and Noble is the perfect quiet venue for those who crave a study spot with less foot traffic.

Situated in a corner of Storrs Center, it features Le Petite Marche Cafe, perfect for a quick espresso and a scrumptious pastry.

The UConn Barnes and Noble is a favorite among first-year honors students, who live close by in the Shippee and Buckley residence halls.

5. Starbucks

Okay, I'm sorry, I know that Starbucks is technically already on this list but we're talking about an experience here!

The UConn Bookstore Starbucks has a drastically different feel from the Storrs Center Starbucks.

Storrs Center Starbucks is the place to get stuff done.

Most students who spend their time here are doing one thing: working. Alright, maybe two things: working and drinking coffee.

Nevertheless, if you want to bang out a paper in under two hours, Storrs Center Starbucks is your place to get 'er done.

Final Thoughts?

You could spend your study time at the library, wasting away to the sound of laptop keys and loud printers. If that's your thing, hey, I won't judge.

But why put that on yourself when you can indulge in the taste of a white mocha macchiato and maybe the fleeting attention of a cute barista?

If you're wanting to finish some ALEKs topics, write your History 1502 essay draft, or read some Anthro articles, look no further than these perfect little cafes in Storrs, Connecticut.