As a caffeine addict, I wanted to do a service to my fellow coffee lovers and try some of the best UConn coffee joints on campus so you know just where to go for your morning burst of energy and your mid-afternoon pick-me-up. 

On-Campus Dining Halls

Ashley Anglisano

My quest for the best UConn coffee began in the South dining hall (the BEST dining hall on campus, don’t @ me!). I wanted an iced coffee to accompany my breakfast, so I grabbed my Starbucks tumblr and poured some from the “freshly brewed” dispenser. I was only given the option of two flavors to add, hazelnut and french vanilla. A bit disappointing, but okay. I opted for the french vanilla, and it wasn’t bad, although it made my coffee very light. It was a bit more bitter than I prefer, but it does the trick when you are putting flavor aside and just need some caffeine to get you through your next hour and a half lecture. 

My Dorm Room

Ashley Anglisano

Think I would show up to campus without my Keurig? Think again. The familiar aroma of my favorite K-Cup coffee makes my dorm room feel a bit more like home. Although I like a strong coffee, if no flavor shots are added, I do need a touch of milk, so this requires me to walk ALL the way to the dining hall just to throw some milk in my otherwise very dark coffee. Of course, I could keep a little carton of milk in my fridge, but how can a college student keep up with that responsibility? Homemade coffee is a blessing, but I’m docking points for lack of convenience. 

The Beanery 

Ashley Anglisano

I walked into The Beanery for the first time and immediately loved the coffee shop vibe. I decided to get an iced coffee, and was impressed with the flavor selection. There were a lot of fruit flavors (I don’t know why anyone would want their coffee to taste like fruit, but to each their own), as well as some interesting ones, like chocolate milano. I opted for that one, and loved it! I was handed a topless cup of coffee, free to add my own cream and sugar. Unfortunately, my splash of cream turned into a lot more than I intended, as I didn’t realize how full the dispenser was. I still thoroughly enjoyed my (too light for my usual liking) coffee, and definitely plan on returning sometime soon. 

Dunkin’ Donuts

Yutin Zhao

If the first thing you see when you open your car glove box is a stack of Dunkin’ Donuts napkins, then you’re definitely from New England. Guilty. A Dunkin’ iced coffee is another great way to make me feel like I’m at home. You can’t go wrong with a Dunkin’ iced coffee. It’s great every time, making it totally worth the always long line at the Student Union. Dunkin’, both on campus and at home, to me is like a safety blanket. I try to have one with me at all times.


Ashley Anglisano

I was satisfied to walk into the bookstore and see no line for the newly renovated Starbucks. The last time I visited a Starbucks, the barista talked me into some fancy latte that I know contained mocha and coconut milk, but couldn’t remember the name of it. This morning, I tried to describe it to the barista behind the counter, but he seemed as lost as I was on move-in day. I settled for just a hot coffee with mocha, and forked over $3.67, something that would have cost $1.80 at Dunkin’. But what this coffee had that a Dunkin’ Cup of Joe doesn’t, is actual caffeine. 

Bookworms Cafe

Ashley Anglisano

My visit to Bookworms was basically one disappointment after another. The first came when I asked for a small iced coffee and the response I got was “We only have mediums today.” I don’t know if this meant they were out of small cups or if this is just some scam to get everyone to spend 50 cents more. My next question was whether or not they add flavor shots, since there was no sign of it on the menu. The cashier then listed at least 20 flavors, and I chose mocha. As I walked away, I heard the kid behind me order a dark roast iced coffee. Where was that on the menu? If I knew about that, I definitely would have gotten it, since I prefer a dark roast. I took the first sip of my coffee and was unimpressed. Nothing special, the “mocha” didn’t even taste like mocha, and the coffee was very bland. 

BONUS: The Dairy Bar

Ashley Anglisano

Looking for a caffeine kick but haven’t had your dessert yet? (Or maybe you did, but that one snickerdoodle cookie from the dining hall just wasn’t enough.) I highly recommend the Coffee Espresso Crunch ice cream from the Dairy Bar. Coffee ice cream with chocolate covered espresso beans is sure to satisfy any craving of coffee and chocolate.

And The Winner Is…

The Beanery! As far as taste and selection goes, the coffee shop next to the art museum takes the cake. I was impressed with the chocolate milano flavor - and the caffeine actually woke me up. Dunkin’ and Starbucks are good safety coffees, and the dining hall and my Keurig machine are good if you need a quick pick me up. Bookworms was a disappointment, and I’ll probably only go back when it’s finals week and I don’t feel like leaving the library. The Dairy Bar is always a good idea but unfortunately I can’t afford to get my caffeine fix through ice cream. The Beanery impressed me and I look forward to enjoying many more chocolate milano iced coffees.