Even though we’re all college students with hectic schedules or perhaps too many dates with Netflix, most of our lives still revolve around food. Well, at least mine does. 

We all have a food preference. There’s always that one friend who takes an absurd amount of food photos to post to their usually irrelevant Snapchat story. Some students seem to have a reoccurring case of the late-night munchies and there are, of course, always those who worship the unforgiving combo of bacon and eggs. 

I offer you my personal breakdown of the eight kinds of food eaters and the hottest spots in the area where you can undoubtedly satisfy those food cravings you were blessed (or cursed) with.


Craving sugar, like, all the time? Head past the School of Agriculture and toward scenic Horsebarn Hill to grab a scoop of ice cream at the UConn Dairy Bar. 

cream, ice, ice cream
Amy Wilichowski

The Dairy Bar is perhaps one of the best perks of going to school in Storrs, CT. The homemade ice cream is oh-so-creamy and comes in UConn-esque flavors such as Husky Tracks and Jonathan Supreme. Plus, the dairy bar is pretty much on top of the best place on campus to watch the sunset, and who doesn’t like ice cream with a view?


Like to eat breakfast for lunch on the reg? Gramma’s Comfort Foods is the place for you.

coffee, beer
Amy Wilichowski

Only ten minutes off campus, Gramma’s has a super friendly staff, homey feel, and quick service. Between the homemade hash and swirly cinnamon rolls, the best place to #brunch is Gramma’s.


We all have that friend who gets hungry late at night (for one reason or another). With door-side delivery and killer calzones, D.P. Dough will always satisfy those late night cravings.

tea, coffee, beer
Bianca Roberts

One of the amazing things about D.P. Dough is that they offer both their famous “in the zone” calzones AND wings, so you can kill two birds with one stone and order both.

The best calzone, you ask? BBQ Chicken Zone. Duh.


There is certainly something to be said about proper food aesthetic. Some students may even have their own social media account dedicated to food photos. Looking to wow your followers with pretty food? The most photogenic meals in the area can be found at Dog Lane Café.

cream, carrot, broth, vegetable, soup
Amy Wilichowski

With a cozy atmosphere, unique menu, pretty coffees AND beautiful plating, Dog Lane will not fail to impress even the most critical foodtographer.

5. DIY

Sometimes it’s nice to have control of what goes into (or onto) your food. Well, for those of you who like to do it yourself, look no further than the famous Blaze Pizza.

coffee, beer
Bianca Roberts

Although the line can get lengthy, it moves quickly. With unlimited toppings and a choice of gluten free or normal dough, students love Blaze because they get to pick anything and everything that goes on their pizza at no extra cost. Thanks Blaze, we love you.


Unsure of what type of food you're dying to eat? Have no fear, Red Rock Café is here.

Amy Wilichowski

Paninis, burgers, fish, wraps, pasta, mediterranean platters, pizza, quesadillas, you name it. The question to ask at Red Rock is 'what food don't they have?' You never have to worry about having limited options at Red Rock. The restaurant also has a lively environment, friendly staff, and quick service.


It can be tough to eat out if you are overly health-conscious or have food allergies. And what if you're vegan? Sometimes, you’re safer cooking your own food. For the most fresh, organic, health-friendly meal options, you'll want to make the ten minute drive to the Willimantic Co-Op.

Amy Wilichowski

The Co-Op offers tons of holistic food options that include items that are vegan, vegetarian and organic. You can buy spices, pastas, granola in bulk, try natural remedies, and even make your own nut butter. How cool is that? Even cooler? You can buy into the Co-Op to have part ownership and receive different discounts and special offers at a small price. 


Do you have a friend who eats out for the social experience rather than for the food? Do them a favor. Take them to Oriental Café. 

tomato, soup
Bianca Roberts

Famous (or perhaps infamous) for their flaming scorpion bowls, you’ll often find large groups or gatherings at Oriental enjoying drinks and socializing over appetizers. 

So what type of food eater are you? If you didn't know before, hopefully I've provided you with some food clarity. 

And hopefully, for the sake of your taste buds, you get to experience at least a few of these UConn food spots before you get your diploma.