I am way too indecisive for my own good. I would define “hell” as a place where it’s just me in a room surrounded by about a hundred or more options for everything. I struggle with making simple decisions daily. Should I eat spaghetti or salad? Should I go with my converse or riding boots today? I don’t know and... I don’t know!

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Anvita Reddy

Initially, upon hearing that Blaze Pizza opened in Storrs I was filled with excitement and then I realized that "build-your-own" meant...LOTS of options. Of course, they also have specialty pizzas, but c’mon, where’s the fun in that? When you’re provided with the option of building your own pizza at the price of $8, you wonder - does it really get any better than this?

1. The Sauce

First comes picking the sauce. Now the red sauce is what I am used to and familiar with, but if I am feeling bold I decide to go with the white sauce (OK maybe not that bold, because I only committed to it after one of the workers recommended it to me).

2. Cheese

Next comes the cheese! If you're anything like me and LOVE cheese, this is going to be difficult. Should I get just one type of cheese? Or should I spice things up and get different types?Mozzarella? Parmesan? Ricotta? All of the above? Hmm, quite the decision to make.

3. Meat or No Meat?

And now comes the time to choose the meat. Even this proves to be tricky because there are times I want meat on my pizza and other times I’m all about the veggies. Now, as you can imagine, by now I have already started panicking because choosing the sauce and cheese was enough and now I have to decide whether I want meat! However, after going to Blaze a handful of times, I think I have decided that I usually don’t like meat on my pizza. Meat tends to fill me up faster and I can’t finish my entire pizza (which I usually can’t do anyways).

4. The Veggies 

Here come the endless options of veggies. I’m pretty open to all different kinds of vegetables on my pizza, but I also do not want to load my pizza too much. My favorite go to topping for sure are black olives. Pizza just isn’t the same without these tiny ovals of deliciousness!

And as I move further down I see spinach. I love spinach but do I want it on my pizza today? What if it’s too cooked and soggy? But what if it’s just what my pizza needs to make it complete? Going back and forth a couple of time and holding up the line(sorry people), I opt out of getting it. Staring at the other options, I decide on green and red peppers, mushrooms, and basil.  

5. Final Touches

You would think it's over right? Nope. Now there's the option of adding a finishing touch of either barbecue, pesto, or olive oil drizzled on my pizza. And for ONCE, I'm not indecisive about something because I already know I want to top off my pizza with olive oil

Just know, through all this anxiety, in the end the pizza will totally be worth it.