About a year ago, I started working for a specialty olive oil and vinegar shop (shameless plug for Bella Oliva). Since then, I have learned more about olive oil than I know about my own major. From flavored and infused oils to the varietals to everything you can use them for, olive oil is where it’s at.

This super-condiment is also a great alternative for other fatty oils, such as vegetable and canola oil, and offers up great health benefits. Here are some of the best snack combinations that you can make right at home.

1. Popcorn with White Truffle Oil


Photo by Meredith Marcus

Confession: I always keep a bottle of truffle oil and bags of popcorn in my room to eat after a long day of classes. Drizzle a little bit of savory truffle oil on a bag of popcorn and you will be in heaven. You can typically buy a bottle at your local grocery store, or in a gourmet olive oil and vinegar shop.

2. Blood Orange Oil Granola


Photo by Lauren Kaplan

Whether you need an addition to your morning breakfast yogurt, or a quick to-go snack in the afternoon, orange oil granola is about to become your new best friend. This granola is one of my favorites. You can sprinkle some over vanilla yogurt, or drop in a bag to eat in between classes. Just replace the vegetable oil/butter in this recipe with olive oil.

Feeling a bit naughty? Replace the vegetable oil in boxed brownies with blood orange olive oil for a citrus-chocolate mix that you won’t be able to resist.

3. Almonds in Garlic Oil


Photo courtesy of italianaddiction.com

These almonds will fill you up instantly, plus they’re easy to pack in a plastic bag and take on the road. Replace the plain olive oil with garlic olive oil when roasting almonds for a delectable and healthy afternoon snack.

4. Avocado with Lemon Oil


Photo by Samantha Thayer

Avocados have taken up the internet by storm lately, whether spread on toast, baked in an egg, or snuck into some healthy dark chocolate truffles. But you haven’t unlocked an avocado’s full potential until you pair it with olive oil. Drizzle some lemon olive oil over avocados for a citrus twist on this easy snack or appetizer.

5. Roasted Chickpeas with Plain ol’ Olive Oil


Photo by Kirby Barth

If you like any kind of crunchy nuts, you’ll love this alternative. Take a can of chickpeas and replace the olive oil in this recipe with pretty much any flavored oil for a tasty snack.

6. Sweet Potato Fries with Any Type of Olive Oil


Photo courtesy of hipcityveg.com

We all love french fries, but why not shake it up? Try some sweet potato fries drizzled with your favorite olive oil. This serves as a great side dish, plus sweet potatoes are chock full o’ vitamin A. That makes this dish a double whammy of health.

7. Herb Olive Oil Flatbread


Photo by Max Bartick

Flatbread can make a great snack or a whole meal if you add enough to it. Olive oil is also imperative to preventing your flatbread from burning on the bottom or losing its inner moistness. Shake it up by drizzling or brushing any type of flavored oil over a baked flatbread. I highly suggest a herb oil, such as basil, garlic, or rosemary.