Breakfast sandwiches are a niche craving, but they're appropriate for so many mornings. Too hungover to use a fork? Running late to class? On-the-go brunch with busy friends? Breakfast sandwiches are always the answer. Here are our top picks in Harvard Square.


Say what you want about Conan O'Brien and John F. Kennedy; chef and baker Joanne Chang is the most influential Harvard graduate in my opinion. The classic chewy bread is sure to satisfy, and the bacon can be replaced with creamy guacamole to make this breakfast sandwich vegetarian. 


We admit, there is not a time of day we aren't craving Crema, but breakfast is their shining time. With classic breakfast sandwiches and seasonal specials, like this February open-face we're still drooling over, there are plenty of ways to satisfy your Crema cravings. Try their vegan "Jimmy Pesto" with cage-free eggs scrambled with feta and spinach, sunflower seed pesto, pickled red onion on a homemade english muffin.

Black Sheep Bagels

Margaret Ross

The new kid on the block has quickly entered our list of frequent breakfast spots. For an on-the-go chewy toasted bagel or a trendy, loaded avocado toast, this charming little underground cafe meets all our breakfast sandwich needs. Try their French Toast bagel for a sweet fix, and don't miss their gluten free bagel for our celiac friends. 

Darwin's Ltd.

With locations on either side of Harvard Square, Darwin's does require a short walk, but their breakfast sandwiches are served all week until 10:30am and weekends until 3pm. Our favorite is the classic "Harvard" with bacon, avocado, and cheddar cheese – but the name may make us biased.


Clover is so much a staple of Harvard Square (and the Science Center) that we sometimes forget it is a good spot any time of day. Although their classic breakfast sandwich is simple, their pita bread is perfectly chewy. Seasonal specials made with fresh, local ingredients are sure to entice. 

Honorable Mention: Bagelsaurus

Although technically not in Harvard Square, Bagelsaurus is worth the occasional hike to the Quad. Their chewy bagels and range of toppings can get you through your worst hangover or fuel you for your best exam. The mustard butter on their "Classic Jumbo" with egg and cheese, is the stuff of hungry dreams.

Who knew there were so many ways to do breakfast on-the-go? We love these spots and we know you will too. Which Harvard Square Breakfast sandwich will be curing your next hangover?