Grocery shopping can be a pain, especially if you're a car-less college student wrestling three bags of groceries on the bus. But if those groceries are from Berkeley Bowl, the slight discomfort is worth it. While it's not as close to campus as are Trader Joe's, Safeway, or Whole Foods, Berkeley Bowl is the best grocery store you'll ever visit. 

1. Produce

kale, broccoli, cabbage, vegetable
Katherine Luo

It's hard to find so much fresh produce in one place in Berkeley, but Berkeley Bowl makes shopping for fresh fruits and veggies easy. The rows upon rows of neatly stacked fruits and veggies make me want to eat healthy, and that's not an urge I get very often. It's really hard to get fresh produce on a college student budget, but Berkeley Bowl makes sure you don't have to worry about finding flavorful fruit ever again.

2. Variety

dairy product
Katherine Luo

Berkeley Bowl has everything you could possibly want and more. Not only does it have a wide selection in each food category, but it also has a ton of options within those categories. The stock of tea takes up half an aisle all on its own (so does the chocolate section), with brands and flavors I've never even heard of. If you're someone who gets bored of eating the same food every day, Berkeley Bowl is the place for you. 

3. No-guilt snacking

Katherine Luo

Thought Trader Joe's has great snacks? Think again. With its homemade nut mixes and snacks, Berkeley Bowl can take the guilt out of your late night snacking. It stocks freshly made breakfast bars, dried fruit from around the world, various nuts and seeds, and chocolate covered pretzels for your next cheat day. Healthy snacking isn't hard if your snacks come from this grocery store. 

4. Things you didn't know you needed

Katherine Luo

Berkeley Bowl features quite an odd mix of every food group under the sun, with different cultural foods all housed under one roof. It seems quite random, as it has everything from kimchi to obsidian blackberry jam, but its groceries are both unique and high-quality. You'll find something new to try every time, and you'll never go home empty-handed. 

With its unique groceries, large variety, and reasonable prices, Berkeley Bowl is arguably the best grocery store in Berkeley. Trader Joe's and Whole Foods just can't compete with the high-quality, delicious, low-cost groceries that Berkeley Bowl has to offer. It'll transform your life and your pantry.