For anyone who doesn't love coffee and is looking for a different staple drink, look no further. The health benefits of tea are simply amazing. A good cup of tea can fix just about anything—even on your worst days. I broke down the best tea for you, depending on how you may be feeling

If You're Feeling Down: Fennel-Based Tea

If you're feeling down in the dumps, take a break from what's getting you down and enjoy a nice cup of fennel-based tea. Fennel is a complex carb that can help stabilize glucose levels, thus preventing mood swings. Adding a little lavender into a tea for the soothing smell never hurts either. If you need a mood boost, try Yogi's Blues Away. 

If You're Stressed: Honey Lavender

Feeling like that? Stress can take a prominent role in many of our lives and can have serious, long-term effects. Treat yourself and try Yogi's Honey Lavender Stress Relief for an instant de-stresser. The combination of lavender and lemon balm provides the perfect drink to unwind from a long day. Citrus oils in lemon balm can even help lower blood pressure. 

If You Need to Perk Up: Black Tea

If you aren't into coffee, tea is the next best option for an energy boost. Sleepless nights can add up and start to effect your well-being. Black tea is about to become your savior. Try Mango Black Tea, or Chocolate Chai Black Tea to perk up.

If You're Feeling Under the Weather: Honey Lemon Throat Comfort

With the change of season, it is almost inevitable to catch a cold, or even the flu. Nurse your sickness by warming your heart and hands with teas specifically designed for keeping you healthy.

If you have a sore throat, Honey Lemon Throat Comfort is a must. Have a cold? Try Yogi's Cold Season. Or if you're ahead of the game and trying to prevent a cold this year, try this

If You're Bummed Out and Restless: Chamomile

Everyone is bound to get bummed out sometimes and a cup of tea can ease your pain. Try some tasty chamomile tea—it's practically a hug in a cup. Chamomile is also good at putting you to sleep. The calming herb has been used for sleep aid.

If You're Feeling Nauseous: Ginger Tea

If you are ever feeling like you're about to puke, have an uneasy stomach, or feel some serious motion sickness, definitely reach for your tea mug. Ginger teas have been a staple in curing an uneasy stomach for years. Try this ginger tea today, and start feeling better ASAP.

If you want more information about different types of teas, and all their benefits, check out this Spoon University article. People have been drinking tea for thousands of years, so give it a try.