Living in New York City has allowed me to try so many great restaurants—that's one of my favorite parts about living here.  New York City has so many incredible neighborhoods, but I'm partial to the Upper East Side. Since I have lived in the area my whole life, I've had a chance to try more than a few restaurants on the UES, and this article is all about my favorites.  It was very difficult to narrow it down to one in each cuisine, but here are the best restaurants on the Upper East Side.

Italian: San Mateo Pizzeria e Cucina

San Mateo Pizzeria e Cucina has a perfect combination of great food and good vibes. With a wide selection of pizzas and pastas in a sleek two-floor setting, it is the perfect spot for any occasion. I like to start my meal with an arugula salad, have pizza and pasta, and end with a Nutella pizza. Some of my favorite dishes are the gnocchi, margarita pizza, and pasta with eggplant. 

Mexican: Calexico

There are so many new Mexican restaurants on the UES, but Calexico is definitely my favorite. With multiple locations around New York City, they add their own twist to classic Mexican cuisine with loaded quesadillas and Chipotle-style bowls, but better. It's a reasonably priced sit-down restaurant with outdoor seating, which is perfect for the summer. 

Thai: Up Thai

My favorite Thai food on the Upper East Side is definitely at Up Thai. When you walk in, you are transported by the gorgeous decor. The food is authentic and fresh. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to Thai food, but I love their Pad Thai. I like to add in chicken or shrimp, because it adds spice without overpowering the dish. 

Japanese: Amber  

Hannah Freiberg

There's a wide variety of Japanese restaurants on the UES, but Amber always stands out because of their wide variety of dishes. They have tons of sushi rolls and other Asian fusion options. It's perfect for someone craving sashimi or some fried rice.

American: EJ's Luncheonette 

EJ's Luncheonette is the ultimate Upper East Side brunch spot. It perfects diner classics, with crunchy French toast and chocolate-filled pancakes. And it's great for dinner, too. They have a blue plate special with dishes like grilled salmon filet and roasted prime rib. The decor has a 1940s diner feel to it, making it one of my go-to spots.

Chinese: Cafe Evergreen

Hannah Freiberg

For authentic Chinese food, check out Cafe Evergreen. It's exactly what you want in your traditional Chinese restaurants, with flavorful soups, delicious noodles and everything in between. Come for dinner and also check it out their dim sum. With tasty wonton soup, chicken with broccoli and lo mein, they have something for everyone. 

Greek: Beyoglu

Beyoglu is a hidden New York gem, serving the best hummus on the Upper East Side. It's tasty and goes perfectly with a warm pita. Grab a seat outside and then order some seafood on a summer day. The food here is always reliable if you're seeking authentic, delicious Greek cuisine. 

Whenever you're in search of an Upper East Side restaurant, use this as your guide. There are so many different restaurants to explore in New York City, but these are some of the best the city has to offer.