Sushi is a staple in most people's diets. The sushi trends circling social media right now are insane.  The basics, vegan sushi, sushi burritos, and sushi donuts, are all definitely in your insta feed. With tons of options to select from, it might be hard to weave out the best places possible - so here are the 14 best sushi restaurants in NYC.

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Alex Vu

1. Bamboo Sushi

If you're one for affordable food yet aren't in the mood to sacrifice quality, then Bamboo Sushi is the place for you. Whatever you do, please know the difference between affordable sushi and discount sushi. Affordable sushi is when the food is usually freshly made and offered at a low price. Discount sushi is when the sushi is at least a day off and on sale.

2. Hama

Hama has a great array of lunch specials ranging in price from $15 to $30 and three different bento boxes to select from in addition to a bunch of specials from their kitchen, making it a great place to stop by for lunch at.

3. Hasaki

Hasaki is a great place to go to if you're looking for an array of dishes and an extensive drink menu. They're the first sushi place that I know of that serves Grey Goose vodka.

4. Maguro

Maguro is another affordable sushi place on this list to go to with the prices on their dishes ranging from $2 to $27. Another cool thing about this sushi place is that they have four different party trays to select from if you go with a big group of people. 

5. New York Sushi Ko

One of the best things about this sushi restaurant is that you have the option of choosing between one of two lunch options, their sushi omakase menu for dinner, or their walk in menu for either lunch or dinner.

6. Nare Sushi

Nare serves some of the most authentic sushi in New York. With every good restaurant, authenticity is usually present. The flavor and the sauces that accompany the sushi is what makes this place authentic. 

7. Neta

Neta's great if you only eat fresh and want fresh sushi. As I've mentioned earlier in this article, never order discount sushi - it's usually expired and will make you sick. Instead, go to Neta when they advertise in their name that their food and ingredients are all fresh.

8. Nobu Sushi

While Nobu is already well known worldwide from celeb advertisement, they have a sushi bar and lounge... let me just leave it there. 

9. SUteiShi

SUteiShi's food is always fresh and flavorful. In terms of their staff, they're always amazing and attentive. Their view is one of a kind because it's located on the Brooklyn Bridge, making it one of the best sushi restaurants in New York City.

10. Sugarfish

What makes Sugarfish so great is that they have this thing known as the "trust me" menu where you pay a certain price depending on if you opt for their lite, regular, or their Nozawa version and get edamame, sashimi, sushi, and hand rolls. Sugarfish also has a "no tipping" policy and instead includes all tips in the check. 

Sugarfish's "trust me" menu is where the chefs prepare a certain meal for those that don't know what they want and/or have never had sushi before and find the menu to be confusing. 

11. Sushi Nakazawa

Sushi Nakazawa constantly has a new menu because they change it depending on what ingredients are "in" for that season and time of year. Ensuring that you're eating the best option for the day. 

12. Sushi Yasuda

Sushi Yasuda is one of New York's best since all of the ingredients used are made to perfection. Their service is some of the best in all of NYC, and all food is made promptly. 

13. Sushi Zo

The reason that Zo is one of the best sushi restaurants in New York is because the fish that they use in their tasting menu is chosen every morning, ensuring that it's the freshest that it could possibly be and isn't just laying around. Not all sushi restaurants have a different menu that is chosen every morning.

14. Zest

Zest is one of the best sushi restaurants in New York because of the flavor in their food and their extensive menu. There are places with one set menu with limited options and then there are places with long, extensive menus. When a place has several menus for the same meal, it shows that the restaurant gets that not everyone will like what's on their main menu.

There's something that makes all of these sushi restaurants stand out. Even if it's the tiniest thing as the menu, it's still one more thing that it has over its competitors that didn't make this list. Regardless of which place you choose to go to on this list, they're all the best sushi restaurants in NYC.