As my 17th and final Spring Break was approaching, I knew I needed to make this one the best and go out with a bang. Needless to say, I found myself booking a trip to Cabo with my best friend. While preparing for the trip, the first thing that came to my mind, obviously, was food. So much for that #SpringBreakBod. I started looking up food and activities in Cabo, and struggled to find a complete list of what to do. So, I bring you, my dear Spring Breakers, my complete list of all that is Cabo based off of personal experience. Yes, the food section is the longest because, I mean, why would I be writing for Spoon if I wasn't obsessed with food?


Water Taxi to Lover's Beach & El Arco

Megan Clarkson

I'm sure you've all seen pictures of the famous Cabo Arch. The first thing on our list, other than getting some good chips and guac, was taking a water taxi to go see the arch and stop at Lover's Beach. There are water taxis all lined up along the beach in front of Mango Deck and The Office, so we had no problem finding one. 

Megan Clarkson

Our homeboy Julian took us on a quick private tour on the way to Lovers Beach. We stopped to throw tortillas in the water to attract fish and observed them from our glass-bottom boat.

bird, water
Megan Clarkson

He drove us all around the arch and even insisted on taking photos of us. This was honestly one of my favorite things we did. 

chocolate, cake
Megan Clarkson

Our driver, Julian, dropped us off on Lovers Beach at the very tip of the Gulf of Mexico. The only way too and from this beach is by boat, so we made sure to set a time with him to pick us up later. We loved relaxing on this beach away from the craziness of Mango Deck and chilling with all the tourists from the cruise ship in port. 

Mango Deck

Megan Clarkson

Not to state the obvious, but Mango Deck is by far the most popular destination among Cabo spring breakers. If you're looking for the biggest "dayger" of your life, besides Oktoberfest, this is where to go. If you're not feeling it, grab a table and some chips & guac and prepare for the best people watching of your life. Either way, you really can't go wrong. 

Bahia Hotel - Sur Beach House 

beer, water
Megan Clarkson

If you want a more relaxing day, the Sur Beach House is amazing. The employees treat you like Queens and the food and view are both phenomenal. We wished we had discovered this hidden gem sooner. I mean, what could be better than food and drinks being brought to you while relaxing on the beach?

Sunset Cruise

Megan Clarkson

Though there are many excursions to choose from, such as parasailing, snorkeling, ziplining, and jet skiing, we chose to go on a sunset cruise. We found one for a pretty good deal and it had a taco dinner included, so obviously I was stoked. 

water, wine
Megan Clarkson

We saw more views of the arch and the whole Cabo coastline with the sun setting on it. When it got dark we had a dance party on the deck with all the bachelor and bachelorette parties onboard.


The Office

Megan Clarkson

Here you can enjoy a delicious Mexican meal with your toes in the sand and some of the greatest people watching, second to Mango Deck. Need I say more? 

pineapple, water, coconut
Megan Clarkson

If you're looking for that trendy insta of a pineapple, look no further because The Office has those too. Hard day at the office am I right? 

Sur Beach House

guacamole, cilantro, avocado, chicken, tacos
Megan Clarkson

I mentioned that Sur Beach House has great food, but did I mention how good? These nachos were so good that I got a sunburn in the shape of my nacho plate on my legs. #thriving 

juice, ice
Megan Clarkson

Like I said, they bring you drinks on the beach. Glorious.

Los Deseos

Megan Clarkson

Someone working at our hotel recommended this restaurant, and it was a good one. The Mexican food was amazing and definitely authentic. We ordered chips & guac and they literally came out with avocados and made the guacamole in front of us on a cart. Mi Casa and Baja Brewery are some other Mexican food options. 

El Pollo de Oro

rice, chicken
Megan Clarkson

If you're looking for some cheap, non-touristy food, this is your place. It's full of locals and was very inexpensive. They had BBQ food, like these ribs, and Mexican food.


linguine, spinach, spaghetti, pasta, pesto
Megan Clarkson

I was a little skeptical to try Italian food in Mexico, but the food here was honestly comparable to Italian food straight from Italy. This pesto pasta with chicken and pine nuts was the best meal I had in Cabo, though it might not appear that way from the photo. La Dolce is another good Italian place in Cabo. If you're looking for Sushi, Nick-San is supposed to be great as well. 


El Squid Roe

Megan Clarkson

I don't think I could've ever prepared myself for an experience like the one I had in El Squid Roe. The heads you see in the bottom of this photo, well, that's a giant mob of people trying to get in the door. I thought being squished on the tube in London was bad, but this brought the concept of claustrophobia to a new level. People were pushing and shoving like no other. Once inside, there is definitely more room to walk/dance. If you like running into people from high school, or others from your college, this place is for you because every single spring breaker is in here somewhere. 

Though squishy, I would definitely recommend going here if you're looking for a fun night out, but I'm sure most of you already knew that. Also, this photo is from @baewatchcabo...enough said.

Cabo Wabo

The infamous Cabo Wabo is a little more for the older crowd, but is still lots of fun. It's a great place to start off the night with some good live music.

The Giggling Marlin

The Giggling Marlin was very fun and had a little show going on when we walked in. The atmosphere was great, and they can hang you upside down like a fish for a quick photo.

You really can't go wrong in Cabo, but hopefully this guide provides some delicious food options, sunshine, and great times. Get ready to thrive and maybe survive.