Every student at USC knows that Cafe Dulce is giving Starbucks a run for its money as the newest go-to spot for your daily caffeine-fix. Not into coffee, though? Don't fret! The menu offers a selection of seven hot tea lattes - one for every day of the week! If you're overwhelmed by all the different flavor options and can't decide which ones are worth trying, I've got you. Here's a definitive ranking of all seven hot tea lattes at Cafe Dulce.

7. Jasmine Tea Latte

Zia Bedi

I'm normally a huge fan of Jasmine Tea, but I just couldn't get behind it in latte form. Adding milk and foam diluted the already-subtle jasmine flavor and left me feeling more like I was drinking a scented cup of milk. However, if you're someone who usually doesn't like the taste of tea, this might just be the perfect flavor of tea-latte to test out.

6. London Fog (Earl Grey) Tea Latte

Zia Bedi

Like with the jasmine flavor, trying the London Fog Tea Latte made me realize I like my Earl Grey without milk too. I was missing the distinct, pungent flavor that makes this tea known worldwide, but I still rank it above the Jasmine because I could at least still tell that I was drinking tea.

5. Masala Chai Latte

Zia Bedi

The Masala Chai flavor is definitely the one I was most excited to try. Growing up in an Indian-American household, not a day went by without enjoying a cup of my mom's freshly brewed spiced black tea. Although the taste of cardamom is a little overpowering, Cafe Dulce's Masala Chai Latte is packed with the warm flavor of traditional spices like ginger, cloves, and cinnamon that feel like home.

#SpoonTip: Pair this drink with a piece of original brick toast for a sugary sweetness that complements the spiciness of the tea.

4. Apple-Spiced Latte

Zia Bedi

Swirling with the flavors of fresh apple cider and cinnamon, Cafe Dulce's Apple-Spiced Latte is just the drink you need if you're missing the feeling of a crisp, autumn day on the east coast. The spices have a more subtle taste than those in the Masala Chai, so it goes down smoothly while still giving you a warm, home-y feeling. The only caffeine-free tea latte on the menu, this is the perfect flavor for when you want a nice, hot beverage before bed.

3. Hong Kong Milk Tea Latte

The Hong Kong Milk Tea Latte from Cafe Dulce strikes just the right balance between the strong flavor of black tea and the sweetness of condensed or evaporated milk. The smooth and creamy tea combines with the light and frothy foam for a pleasantly unique experience in every sip. I highly recommend this flavor if you're looking for a drink with a simple yet satisfying taste that you can have every day and still not get tired of.

2. Rose Milk Tea Latte

Zia Bedi

Even though this is a hot tea latte, the freshness of rose makes this drink uniquely cooling and refreshing. That may sound a little odd, but I promise the floral aroma and light taste combine for an incredible, multi-sensational experience. Coming in near the top of my list, Cafe Dulce's Rose Milk Tea Latte is definitely a flavor worth trying.

#SpoonTip: Order this one iced on a hot day for an even more refreshing experience

1. Gen Mai Latte

Zia Bedi

Inspired by the traditional Japanese genmaicha, this tea is brewed with a combination of loose green tea and toasted, popped brown rice that gives it a warm, nutty flavor. Considering I didn't even know how to pronounce the name of this drink (it's GEN-my, not JEN-my), I was pleasantly surprised when it ended up being my favorite. With a strong and distinct taste that's neither overpowering nor bitter, the Gen Mai Latte takes the cake as my pick for the best hot tea latte at Cafe Dulce