It's no surprise that one of the most populated streets in Berkeley after midnight is Durant Avenue. After all, Durant is home to some of the tastiest, greasiest, and most heralded late night food in all of Berkeley. But which spot reigns supreme? I did my research and have come up with a definitive ranking of the top 7 late night foods on Durant. 

1. Artichoke Basille's Pizza 

Sarah Fung

Artichoke's is a win 100% of the time. Whether you go for the classic Artichoke's pizza, a Margarita, or a Sicilian, the massive slices are the first and best things to greet you on your 1 AM trip down Durant. They will also leave you with more cheese on your face than in your mouth!

2. Taco Bell Cantina

Kaitlan Tseng

It's been almost one glorious year since Taco Bell first graced Berkeley's late night haven with its bold, corporate presence. However, Taco Bell has established its place, serving up Crunch Wrap Supremes and dollar menu dishes to scores of students each night. As a Taco Bell Cantina, it also serves beer and wine for those times when you want to liven up your night with more than just food. 

3. La Burrita

Sarah Fung

Ever craved loaded nachos after a night out? Of course you have! Most crowded on game days, La Burrita's trays of cheesy dishes and burritos the size of your head serve up the perfect post-midnight "snack." Even though Taco Bell has its crowd, I say La Burrita wins the night on the authentic Mexican food front. 

4. Top Dog 

Sarah Fung

This established Berkeley native makes the list because it's clearly not going anywhere. If you have a few dollars cash on your 3 AM trek home from the library, Top Dog has you covered with a quick, take on-the-go meal. With incredible veggie dogs, the small shop is also the place to for vegetarians looking to eat out late at night. 

5. King Pin 

Sarah Fung

Let's not forget about the 2 AM sweet tooth! The smell of King Pin's delectable donuts wafts out of its tiny shop and draws you in. Before you know what hit you, you'll be inhaling a dozen glazed donut holes and cinnamon braided twists on your walk down the hill. 

6. Smoke's Poutinerie 

Fries and gravy and cheese curds! Oh my! Known to students as simply Poutine, this spot is one to try because it is one of the only ones open until 4 AM and serves up some sinful fries. You can top your fries with pork, chicken, steak, beef, extra toppings or vegetarian options. Why not add them all? 

7. Gypsy's Trattoria Italiano

Sarah Fung

If you need carbs, Gypsy's has them ALL. With heaps of garlic bread, pizza, pasta, salads, and other Italian dishes that are ready in minutes, Gypsy's satisfies the best late night craving. Besides, it might be a scientific fact that all pasta tastes better at midnight.

Whether or not you agree with the list (or think there's a spot I missed), I think we can all agree that Durant Avenue is the place to be for cravings and hunger pangs that happen past midnight. Who can go wrong when you've got pizza, tacos, pasta, donuts, french fries, and hot dogs all lined up and down one street?